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Boca Bar Menu : Costa Rican Bocas – Appetizers

Chips & Salsa $1.99 Boca’s own homemade salsa
Chips & Black Bean Dip $2.99 Fresh homemade black bean dip
Chips & Gucamole $3.99 Boca’s secret recipe for guacamole
Gallo Pinto $2.49 Rice & black beans
Arroz con Pollo $2.99 Rice & chicken
Arroz con Camaron $3.99 Rice and shrimp
Yuca Frita $2.99 Fried yuca
Platanos Maduros $2.99 Ripe plantains
Patacones $2.99 Squashed green plantains
Platanos Maduros $2.99 Ripe Plantains
Dados de Queso $4.99 Fried dice cheese with plantains
Queso Frito $4.99 Fried cheese
Beef Patti $1.50 Beef Patty
Beef, Chicken or Cheese Tacos $3.99 Choice of one 3-tacos
Beef, Chicken or Cheese Empanada $4.99 Choice of one
Beef, Chicken or Cheese Burrito $8.99 Choice of one

Boca Bar Menu : Costa Rican & Americano-Bocas – Appetizers

Picadillo $4.99 Ground hamburger & green beans on 3 tortillas
Chile Relleno $4.99 Stuffed red pepper with ground beeg & egg
Chicharron $6.99 Pork rind – served with tortillas and limes
Pollo Asado $4.99 Seasoned chicken on 2 sticks with tortillas
Came Asada $5.99 Seasoned steak on 2 stick with tortillas
Camaron asado $5.99 Mild spicy mango shrimp on 2 sticks
Chorizo Asado $4.99 Spicy sausage on 2 sticks with tortillas
Ceviche de Pescado $4.99 Fish marinated in lime juice & 3 plantains
Ceviche de Camaron $5.99 Shrimp marinated in lime juice & 3 plantain
Ceviche Mixto $5.49 Mixed fish ceviche served with 3 plantains
Mozzarella Sticks or Jalapeno Poppers $4.99
Chicken Tenders $5.99
Nachos-Plain $7.99 Chips, cheese, black bean dip, sour cream chimchum
Nachos $8.99 Choice of chicken, beef or chicharron pork

Boca Bar Menu : Sopas y Ensaladas

Dressing italian, blue cheese, creamy cilantro lime & caesar
Sopa de mariscos $8.99 Seafood soup, shrimp, fish, mussels
Sopa Negra $6.99 Black bean soup with egg
Caesar Salad $6.99
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad $7.99
Ensalada Tica $8.99 Chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, palmto, avocado, onions
Ensalada Tropical $8.99 Shrimp, lettuce, tomatoes, mango, pineapple & onions

Boca Bar Menu : Surtidos – Platters

Boca Surtidos $35.99 – $21.99 Large serves 6 add, medium serves 4 add, small serves 2 add. Included:beef & chicken fajita, chicharron breaded tilapia, ripe plantains, fried cheese, yuca, black bean dip, chimichurri & tortillas
Chicken Wing Platter $29.99 – $11.99 Chioce teriyaki, honey BBQ, medium buffalo & hot buffalo. Large 30, Medium 20, Small 12
Chicken Wing Platter-Boca $5.99 Chioce teriyaki, honey BBQ, medium buffalo & hot buffalo
Plato Asado $18.99 Roasted meat on sticks – choice of two. Choice of steak, chicken & shrimp with tortillas
Surtido Americano $16.99 Serves 2 add. Includes: cut pieces of beef & chicken, chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, jalapeno poppers & french fries

Boca Bar Menu : Traditional Costa Rican Dishes

Casado (Married) $13.99 Choice of steak or chicken, served with chicharron pork rind, chorizo, fried egg, plantains, black beans, white rice
Bistec Encebollado $12.99 Steak and onions, grilled steak & onions, served with yuca, plantains and gallo pinto rice & beans
Carne en Salsa $11.99 Steak in tomato sauce. tender steak in a tomato sauce, served with white rice & plantains
Chicharron $11.99 Pork rind-deep fried. Served with white rice, black beans, salad, plantains and tortillas
Chorizo $11.99 Sausage. Served with gallo pinto, salad plantains and tortillas
Picadillo de Vainica $9.99 Seasoned ground hamburger. Ground hamburger & green beans on tortillas, served with gallo pinto & fried cheese
Filet de Pescado Empanizado $11.99 Breaded tilapia breaded tilapia, served with salad, gallo pinto, yuca & plantains
Filet de Pescado Grilled Tilapia $11.99 Seasoned tilapia, grilled onions, peppers, & mushrooms, gallo pinto, yuca & Plaintains
Camarones Empanizados o al Ajillo $12.99 Breaded shrimp or garlic shrimp. Choice of breaded or garlic shrimp, served with gallo pinto, yuca & plantains
Ceviche de Pescado $9.99 Fish ceviche served cold. Tilapia marinated in lime juice and served with 3 pantacones plantains
Ceviche de Camaron $11.99 Shrimp ceviche-served cold. Shrimp marinated in lime juice and served with 3 pantacones plantains
Ceviche Mixto $10.99 Mixed fish & shrimp ceviches-served cold. Seafood marinated in lime juice and served with 3 pantacones plantains
Chile Relleno $10.99 Stuffed red pepper. Stuffed red pepper with ground beef topped with egg. Served with white rice & black beans
Gallo Pinto (Rice & Beans) $8.99 Seasoned rice and beans, served with salad and yuca
Arroz con Pollo $9.99 Rice and chicken. Seasoned rice & chicken dish, served with black beans and chips
Arroz con Camarones (Rice and Shrimp) $10.99 Seasoned rice & shrimp, served with salad & chips
Tacos Ticos (Costa Rican Tacos-5) $9.99 Choice of cheese, chicken or beef deep fried tortilla tacos, topped with cole slaw and served with french fries
Empanadas Ticas (Empanadas-2) $10.99 Choice of cheese, chicken or beef crispy turnover filled with peppers, onions, cole slaw, pink sauce & chimichurri

Boca Bar Menu : Not So Costa Rican Dishes

Burritos $10.99 Pollo chicken or carne beef. Choice of chicken or beef, burrito with plantains, lettuce, chimichum, sour cream, served with rice & beans
Enchiladas Pollo-Chicken or Carne Beef $10.99 Choice of chicken or beef with onions, peppers & cheese, wrapped in a tortilla served with rice & beans
Nachos Chicken, Beef, Pork or Vegetarian $8.99 Choice of chicken, beef, pork or vegetarian nachos topped with lettuce, guacamole, black bean dip, sour cream, cheddar cheese
Mexican Tacos $8.99 Soft taco shell, ground hamburger chimichum sauce & guacamole cheese optional
Enyucados Yuca Roll with Beef & Cheese $8.99 Yuca roll with beef and cheese, topped with a tomatoe sauce & cheese, served with gallo pinto and plantains
Spaghetti del Rey (The King’s Spaghetti) $8.99 Choice of plain spaghetti or with kielbasa thin spaghetti in a special latin style tomatoe sauce
BBQ Baby Back Ribs $12.99 1/2 Rack of BBQ pork, ribs. Served with salad and served with your choice of onion rings or french fries
Lomito (Grilled Sirloin Tips) $11.99 Marinated grilled steak tips. Served with salad, yuca, and gallo pinto rice and beans
El Combo (Grilled Chicken & Steak) $12.99 Grilled chicken breast & steak with grilled onions, peppers & mushrooms, served with rice & beans & side of guacamole
Camarones Picantes (Spicy Shrimp) $12.99 Onions & peppers in spicy tomato & chipotle sauce, served with gallo pinto & yuca
Fajitas (Pollo, Chicken or Carne Beef) $11.99 Choice of chicken or beef fajita fajita grilled with onions & peppers, served with salad, sour cream & tortillas
Quesadillas (Chicken, Beef or Cheese) $10.99 Choice of chicken or beef fajita quesadillas grilled served with rice, beans, sour cream & chimichum

Boca Bar Menu : Sandwiches

Lizano Hamburguesa (Hamburger) $6.99 Served with french fries add $0.25 cheese or $0.50 bacon
Steak & Cheese Sandwich (Steak & Cheese) $8.99 Served on bulky roll with lettuce, tomatoes & pink sauce served with french fries
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich (Chicken Breast) $7.99 Served on bulky roll with lettuce, toamtoes & pink sauce your choice of bufalo, BBQ or regular

Boca Bar Menu : Sides

French Fries $2.99
Onion Rings $3.99
Guacamole $3.99
Yuca $2.99
Platanos Maduros $2.99 Ripe Plantains
Patacones $2.99 Squashed green plantains
Dado de Queso $2.99 Fried cheese
Arroz Blanco White Rice $1.99
Gallo Pinto (Rice & Beans) $2.49
Arroz con Pollo (Rice & Chicken) $2.99
Arroz con Camaron (Rice and Shrimp) $3.99

Boca Bar Menu : Kids Menu

Hamburger $5.99 Served with french fries add $0.25 for cheese or bacon
Hot Dog $4.99 Served with french fries
Mac & Cheese $4.99
Grilled Cheese $4.99 Served with Onion Rings
Chicken Fingers $5.99 Served with french fries
Mozzarella Sticks $5.99 Served with french fries

Boca Bar Menu : Desserts

Arroz con Leche (Hot Rice Pudding) $3.50
Tres Leches (Three Milk Cake) $4.00
Flan de Caramelo (Caramel Custard) $4.00
Sombrero Tico $5.50 Hard flour tortilla filled with caramelized mango, vanilla ice cream chocolate & strawberry syrup
Desert Sampler $13.49 Choice of any three

Boca Bar Menu : Natural Drinks

Mango Shake $3.00
Papaya Shake $3.00
Guanavano Shake $3.00
Lemonade $1.99
Unsweetened Ice Tea $1.99
Tea $1.50
Costa Rican Coffee $1.50
Ice Coffee $1.99
Sodas $1.99 Coke, diet coke , sprite, fanta orange, fresca

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