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Dear Bushwick Menu : Whet Your Appetite

Eggs & Butter $6.00 (v). wine barrel smoked eggs with horseradish butter & green peppercorn salt.
Fried Potato Peels $4.00 (vg). sea salt & vinegar
Chilled Watercress Ginger Soup & Creme Fraiche $6.00 (v)
Crispy Brussels Sprouts & Spicy Mayo $6.00 (v)
Smokey Lemon & Chickpea Toast $6.00 (vg)

Dear Bushwick Menu : Salads $10

Red Oak Lettuce   fennel, orange, english stilton & black pepper vinaigrette
Shaved Cauliflower   celery, cabbage, walnuts in a buttermilk dressing

Dear Bushwick Menu : For The Table

Homemade Country Cheese Curd $11.00 (v). balsamic marinated strawberries & caperberries with toast
Seared Pork Belly $12.00 beetroot, pork cracklings & topped with stewed currants
Farmhouse Lamb Neck Terrine $1.00 piccalilli, house pickles & raisin walnut bread
Steamed Mussels $13.00 charred pine & english whiskey broth, baby leeks & toast

Dear Bushwick Menu : Mains

Wheatberries $17.00 (v). braised radishes, green onion, brussels sprouts & goat cheese
Flattop Seared Sirloin $21.00 field asparagus, mushroom mint salad, worcestershire vinaigrette
Roasted Wild Strip Bass $22.00 cucumber & dill salad, zesty lemon yogurt

Dear Bushwick Menu : Sides $5

Charred Green Beans & Shallot-Mustard Vinaigrette   (vg)
Braised Broccoli   anchovy vinaigrette & breadcrumbs
Smashed Potato & Herb Butter   (v)
Seared Gem Lettuce Hearts & Horseradish Garlic Vinaigrette   (vg)

Dear Bushwick Menu : Bread, Jam & Butter $3

Sticky Ginger Bread   with whipped sea salt butter
Cheddar Beer Biscuit   with jam

Dear Bushwick Menu : Sarnies $9

Thick Cut Streaky Bacon   smoked cheese & marmite syrup
English Brie   (v). apples, watercress & chutney

Dear Bushwick Menu : Plates

Egg In A Pastry Blanket $6.00 (v). with smoked tomato relish
Spiced Rice Porridge $8.00 (v). fruit & homemade golden syrup
Yorkshire Pudding Skillet Cake $8.00 (v). maple syrup stewed apples
Yorkshire Pudding Skillet Cake $1.00 (v). bacon butter add
Farmhouse Cottage Cheese $9.00 (v). with a radish, orange, leek, walnut salad & toasted bread
Shirred Egg $9.00 (v). soft baked in stewed navy beans with roasted garlic broth & served with cheesy bread soldiers
Gin Juniper Cured Sea Trout Salad $10.00 tossed in butter greens, herbs, almonds & strawberries
Baked Salt Cod & Potato Pie $10.00 layered with welsh caerphilly cheese , breadcrumbs & parsley gravy
Country Black Pudding $12.00 cabbage, fennel & apple topped with hollandaise.
Brick Pressed Aged Sirloin $15.00 topped with a boiled egg, pickled carrots & mary rose mayo
The Full English $15.00 2 eggs, sausage, ham hock beans, stewed tomatoes, salad & toast

Dear Bushwick Menu : Sides

Sugar Smoked Bacon $5.00
Beer Pork Sausage $5.00
Potted Ham Hock Beans $5.00
Griddled Potato Terrine $4.00 (v). herbs & creme fraiche
Flattop Mushrooms $4.00 (vg)
Stewed Tomatoes $4.00 (vg)

Dear Bushwick Menu : Sweets

Yorkshire Pudding Skillet Cake $8.00 topped with bitter sweet chocolate, walnuts & orange

Dear Bushwick Menu : Happy Hour

The Chicken Feast $13.00 all natural roasted chicken, marinated vegetables, homemade soda bread, & a half pint of draft beer or bottle of utica club.
The Chicken Feast $2.00 wine substitution

Dear Bushwick Menu : Beer & Shot

Gun & Bullet $7.00 bulliet bourbon & innis & gunn half pint.
Old Geezer $6.00 old overholt rye & old golden hen half pint.

Dear Bushwick Menu : Wine By The Glass $5

Red   oxford landing shiraz 2008, australia.
White   chenin blanc 2010, south africa.

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