L.e.s. Sandwicherie Menu and Prices

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L.e.s. Sandwicherie Menu : Create Your Own Sandwich

Sandwich $7.25 your choice of bread, 1 meat, 1 cheese, 3 toppings, greens and dressing
Salad $7.25 your choice of greens, 3 toppings, 1 meat, 1 cheese, dressing and toasted baguette – substitution for other bread – add $1.00
Breads $7.25 French beguette, olive bread, ciabatta, 7 grain, focaccia – add $1.00
Greens $7.25 organic spring mix, Romaine lettuce, spinach, organic baby arugula or watercress
Toppings $7.25 tomatoes, basil, red onions, cilantro, capers alfalfa sprouts, cucumber, roasted peppers, carrots, grape tomatoes, kalamata olives, sundried tomatoes artichoke hearts, avocado – add $1.50
Cheeses $7.25 provolone, cheddar, Swiss, munster, jalapeno jack cheese, parmesan, brie – add $1.50, mozzarella – add $1.25, goat – add $1.25
Meats $7.25 chicken, ham, turkey, salami, Tuscan tuna, capocollo, prosciutto – add $1.75, roast beef – add $1.75, smoked salmon – add $1.75
Dressings $7.25 Dijon mustard, house dressing, Caesar, olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette, honey mustard, kalamanzi pomegranate vinaigrette, spicy aioli
Extras $7.25 meat – add $1.25, cheese – add $1.00, toppings – add $.75, greens – add $.75
Soup of the Day $3.50 – $5.25
Dirty Potato Chips $1.50 assorted flavors

L.e.s. Sandwicherie Menu : Specialty Teas

Hoji Cha $2.50 Japanese organic toasted bancha
Orange Jasmine $2.50
English Breakfast Organic $2.50
Himalayan Peak Darjeeling Organic $2.50
Orchid Oolong $2.50
African Amber $2.50 caffeine free
Organic Mint Melange $2.50 caffeine free
Ginger Twist $2.50 caffeine free
Chamomile Citrus $2.50
Flavored Iced Teas $3.50 seasoned only, sweetened or unsweetened
Lipton Tea $1.00

L.e.s. Sandwicherie Menu : Beverages

Pellegrino $2.75
Bottle Water $1.00
Vitamin Water $2.00 assorted flavors
Honest Tea – Organic $2.50 assorted flavors
Gus Sodas $2.75 assorted flavors
Boylan Soda $2.00 assorted flavors
Coffee $1.50

L.e.s. Sandwicherie Menu : Specialty Sandwiches

Panino $7.75 French baguette – spicy aioli prosciutto, salami, spinach, sun dried tomato, basil, jalapeno jack cheese
Broome Shroom $8.75 olive bread – pesto grilled portabella mushrooms, julienne carrots, red pepper, alfalfa sprouts, munster cheese
Tuscan Tuna $8.50 olive bread – olive oil albacore tuna, canellini bean, watercress, basil, red onion, kalamata olives
Mighty Angus $8.75 French baguette – spicy aioli roast beef, goat cheese, organic baby arugula, sundried tomato
Prosciutto D’Lite $8.75 focaccia – pesto prosciutto, capocaollo, fresh mozzarella, tomato, organic baby arugula, artichoke
Smokin’ Salmon $9.25 ciabatta – spicy aioli smoked salmon, prosciutto, brie, capers, tomato, red onion, watercress, cucumber, spicy aioli
Mozza – Lover $8.00 7 grain – balsamic vinaigrette mozzarella cucumber, red onion, tomato, carrots, organic alfalfa sprouts, watercress, – avocado – add $1.50
Ham and Turkey $8.25 French baguette – Dijon mustard Swiss, organic baby spinach
The Big Cheese $7.00 olive bread, cheddar cheese, provolone, munster cheese, tomato, organic baby arugula
Watercress and Avocado Salad $9.25 kalamanzi dressing red onion, orange, walnut and parmesan
Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil $9.25 balsamic vinaigrette organic spring mix, red onions, olives, pesto
French Riviera $8.75 kalamanzi vinaigrette organic spring mix, baby arugula and alfalfra sprouts, cilantro, tomato, watercress, cucumber, carrots, red onions, roasted pepper, olives
Organic Baby Spinach $8.75 kalamanzi vinaigrette portabella mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, parmesan
Arugula and Beets Salad $8.50 balsamic vinaigrette organic baby arugula, beets, goat cheese, walnuts

* Disclaimer: Information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current price and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.

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