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La Fonda Paisa Menu : Sopas del Dia – Soup of the Day

Every soup will be served with rice, ground beef, corn cake and avocado
Lunes – Sopa de Verduras $2.75 – $8.00 Monday – vegetables soup
Martes – Sopa de Albondigas $2.75 – $8.00 Tuesday – meatball soup
Miercoles – Sopa de Guineo $2.75 – $8.00 Wednesday – green banana soup
Jueves – Sopa de Pollo $2.75 – $8.00 Thursday – chicken soup
Viernes – Sopa de Tostones $2.75 – $8.00 Friday – green plantains soup
Sabado – Sopa de Mondongo $2.75 – $8.00 Saturday – tripe soup
Sabado – Sanchoco de Cola $2.75 – $8.00 Saturday – Oxtail soup
Domingo – Sanchoco de Gallina $2.75 – $8.00 Sunday – hen stew
Domingo – Sopa de Mondongo $2.75 – $8.00 Beef tripe soup
Domingo – Stew de Boiled Cassava, Meat, Potatoes $2.75 – $8.00

La Fonda Paisa Menu : Mariscos – Seafood

Mojarra $14.99 Con totones, arroz, ensalads o papa frita
Pargo Rojo $17.99 Red snapper with fried green plantain, rice, salad or French fries
Enchilada de Camarones $19.50
Ceviche de Camarones $19.50
Trucha Frita $14.99 Fried trout with salad, rice, potatoes, fried green plantain
Trucha Guisada $14.99 Broiled trout with salad, potatoes, cassava and rice
Arroz con Camarones $13.99 Fried shrimp with rice, salad, green plantains or French fries
Salmon en Salsa $19.00 Salad, rice and green plantains

La Fonda Paisa Menu : Platos Tipicos – Typical Dishes

Bandeja la Fonda Paisa $7.00 – $8.75 With rice, beans, yellow platain, egg, fried pork skin, corn cake, roasted meat
Frijoles con Garra $6.00 Beans with pork skin with rice and corn cake
Carne Asada $8.25 Roasted meat with rice, French fried and salad
Churrasco $14.99 Grilled steak with rice, green plantain or French fries and salad
Sobrebarriga Sudada $8.75 Top flank steak boiled with rice, beans, potatoes, cassave, corn cake and salad
Sobrebarriga a la Plancha $8.75 Top flank steak on the grill with rice, beans, corn cake and salad
Lengua Sudada $12.00 Boiled beef tongue with potatoes, cassava, rices, beans and salad
Chuleta Empanizada $8.75 Breaded pork chops with rice, beans, corn cake and salad
Chuleta de Pollo $8.75 Breaded chicken chops with rice, beans, corn cake and salad
Arroz con Pollo $8.00 Chicken with rice, salad and French fries
Pechuga de Pollo a la Plancha $8.00 Boneless grilled chicken breast with rice and beans
Pollo Frito $6.00 Fried chicken
Plato Mixto $12.00 Combination meats, chicken, pork chop and beef with salad, French fries or fried plantains
Hidago Encebollado $8.00 Liver with onions, with rice, beans, French fries and salad
Bistec a Caballo $8.00 Steak topped with egg with potato, cassava, rice, beans and fried eggs
Bistec Encebollado $8.00 Beef steak with onions with French fries, rice, beans and salad
Bistec a la Criolla $8.00 Beef steak creole with tomato sauce, onions, potato, cassava, rice and salad
Lomo Salteado $12.00 Small steak pieces with rice and salad
Picada $15.00 Fried pork skin, sausage, black sausage, corn cake, tomatoes and fried green plantain
Side Orders $2.50 Fried green plantains, fried yellow plantain, French fries or fried cassava

La Fonda Paisa Menu : Desayunos – Breakfast

Desayuno Especial $1.99 Pandebono, bunuelo y cafe
Calentado $7.00 Arroz, frijoles, carne asada o perico, arepa con queso
Carne Asada $6.00 Con arepa y queso
Higado Frito $6.00 O encebollado con arepa
Cacerola $3.50 Con arepa, chocolate o cafe
Huevo Perico $6.50 Arepa queso o arroz
Huevos Revueltos $2.99 Con arepa y cafe
Tamales con Arroz y Arepa $7.00

La Fonda Paisa Menu : Antojitos – Appetizers

Chicharron con Arepa $2.50 Fried pork skin with corn cake
Chorizo con Arepa $2.50 Colombian sausage with corn cake
Morcilla con Arepa $2.50 Black Colombian sausage with corn cake
Papa Rellena $1.50 Stuffed potato
Maduro con Queso $1.50 Yellow plantain with cheese
Torta de Carne con Arepa o Papa $2.50 Meat cake with corn cake or potato
Empanada de Pollo $1.00 Chicken pie
Empanada de Carne $1.00 Beef pie
Arepa con Queso $2.00 Corn cake with white cheese
Arepa de Choclo con Queso $2.00 Sweet corn cake with cheese
Bunuelo $1.00 Fried dough
Pandequeso $1.00 Cheese bread made on rings
Pandebono $1.00 Cheese bread
Pan de Yuca $1.00 Cassava bread
Besitos $1.99 Cheese bread
Suspiros $0.99 Merengue
Pan Alinado $3.50 Cheese bread
Pan con Queso $2.50 Bread with cheese
Lenguas $1.99 Sweet tongue
Rollos $1.49 Sweet rolled bread
Empanada de Cambray $1.00 Guava pie
Brevas con Queso $4.99 Figs with white cheese
Brevas con Arequipe $4.99 Figs with white caramel
Mazamorra $4.50 Con bocadillo o panela grande
Arroz con Leche $2.00 Rice pudding
Flan de Leche $2.00 Flan

La Fonda Paisa Menu : Ensaladas – Salads

Ensalada Mixta $3.00 Mixed salad
Ensalada Mixta con Costilla Frita $5.50 Mixed salad with fried pork rib
Ensalada con Pollo $6.00 Salad with chicken, lettuce, vegetables, tomatoes and chicken
Ensalada de Papa $7.00 Potato salad with potato, ham, hard boiled egg, carrot and peas

La Fonda Paisa Menu : Bebidas – Drinks

Cafe $1.00 – $1.50 Coffee
Chocolate $1.00 – $2.00 Hot chocolate
Te $1.00 – $1.50 Tea
Milo Caliente $2.00 Hot milo
Cola Granulada $3.00 Fria o caliente con leche, huevo y brandy
Avena $2.50 Oatmeal
Sustagen $3.00 Vainilla, fresa o chocolate
Champu $3.00
Mazato $2.50
Agua de Panela con Leche $2.00 Sugar cane water with milk
Agua de Panela $2.00 Sugar cane water
Jugos Naturales $2.50 Natural juices
Mora $2.50 Blackberry
Lulo $2.50
Maracuya $2.50 Passion fruit
Mango $2.50
Papaya $2.50
Tomate de Arbol $2.50 Tree tomato
Guanabana $2.50
Guineo $2.50 Banana
Fresa $2.50 Strawberry
Curuba $2.50
Borojo con Miel de Abeja y Brandy $3.00

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