Latham Biryani Menu and Prices

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Latham Biryani Menu : Appetizers

Vegetable Samosa (2 pcs) Best Seller $3.95 Deep fried turnovers stuffed with green peas, potatoes, and herbs
Aloo Tikki (2pcs) $3.95 Deep fried patties made of potatoes, herbs and spices
Vegetable Pakoras (6 pcs) $3.95 Vegetable fritters deep fried in our special batter.
Chana Chat $3.95 Tangy combination of chickpeas, potatoes, and chopped onion
Samosa Chaat $4.95 Tangy combination of one Vegetable Samosa, chickpeas, & yogurt
Vegetable Cutlets $3.95 Deep fried patties made of potatoes and mixed vegetables
Shami Kebab (2pcs) $4.95 Lightly fried patties made of ground beef or ground chicken with lentils and special herbs

Latham Biryani Menu : Soup

Lentil Soup $4.95 Yellow lentils flavored with herbs.
Vegetable Soup $4.95 A tempting extract of mixed vegetables flavored with herbs.
Mulligatawny Soup $4.95 Delicious blend of vegetables, lentils, and herbs.
Chicken Soup $4.95 Delicious blend of chicken, onions, garlic, and herbs.

Latham Biryani Menu : Biryani

Harmonious nutritious blend of aromas, textures, and flavors
Egg Biryani $10.95
Chicken Biryani $10.95
Sindhi Biryani $11.95 Chicken Biryani with potatoes.
Lamb Biryani $12.95
Goat Biryani $13.95
Shrimp Biryani $14.95
Fish Biryani $14.95
Chef’s Special Biryani $14.95 Chicken and cheese with nuts and raisins.
Vegetable Biryani $10.95

Latham Biryani Menu : Tandoori

Tandoori Chicken $9.95 Chicken legs & thighs marinated in yogurt, grilled in Tandoor
Chicken Seekh Kebob $9.95 Ground spiced chicken on skewer and cooked in Tandoor
Chapli Kebob $9.95 Grilled chicken patties with mixture of eggs, onions, herbs and some special spiced
Chicken Tikka $10.95 Marinated boneless chicken breast pieces grilled in tandoor
Chicken Tikka Masala $11.95 Chicken Tikka cooked in a special tomato creamy sauc
Chicken Makhni $12.95 Chicken tikka cooked with cashew and buttery sauce
Lamb Boti Kebob $12.95 Lamb pieces cooked in tandoor
Chicken Tikka Saag $12.95 Chicken tikka cooked with spinach
Tandoori Shrimp $14.95 Shrimps marinated in yogurt and grilled in Tandoor
Chicken Malai Kebob $10.95 Boneless chicken pieces marinated in cream and cooked in tandoor.

Latham Biryani Menu : Vegetarian

Lobia $9.95 Lobia cooked in mild sauce
Masoor Daal $9.95 Yellow lentils cooked in mild sauce
Aloo Cholay $9.95 Potatoes and chickpeas cooked in a mild sauce.
Chana Masala $9.95 Chickpeas cooked in a mild sauce.
Daal Makhni $9.95 Simmered mixed lentils with tomatoes and ginger cooked in creamy sauce
Aloo Mutter $9.95 Potatoes and peas cooked in creamy sauce
Aloo Palak $9.95 Potatoes and spinach cooked in a mild sauce.
Aloo Ghobi $9.95 Potato and cauliflower cooked in a mild sauce.
Mixed Vegetables $10.95 Diced skinless zucchini, cauliflower, beans, and carrots cooked in a mild sauce.
Veggie Vindalo $10.95 Hot and spicy blend of Mixed Vegetables with potatoes.
Chana Palak $10.95 Chickpeas and spinach cooked in mild spices.
Bhindi Masala $10.95 Okra with tomatoes and onions cooked in mild sauce
Bengan ka Bhurta $10.95 Roasted eggplants cooked with tomatoes, onions, andpeas
Vegetable Qorma $10.95 Mixed vegetables and nuts cooked in a creamy sauce.

Latham Biryani Menu : Meat

Karahi $11.95 – $13.95 Cooked with tomatoes and garlic
Jalfrazi $10.95 – $12.95 Cooked with green peppers, tomatoes, and onions in mild sauce
Vindalo $10.95 – $12.95 Hot and spicy dish cooked with potatoes
Palak $10.95 – $12.95 Cooked with spinach and tomatoes in mild spices
Ginger $10.95 – $12.95 Cooked with ginger in mild sauce.
Achari $10.95 – $12.95 Cooked in yogurt and pickling spiced curry sauce
Dopiaza $10.95 – $12.95 Curry cooked in abundance of onions in creamy sauce
Qorma $11.95 – $13.95 Meat cooked with nuts in a creamy sauce
Curry $10.95 – $12.95 Cooked with spices in a curry sauce

Latham Biryani Menu : Seafood Selection

Fish or Shrimp Masala (Curry) $13.95 – $14.95 Cooked with spices in a thick curry sauce.
Fish or Shrimp Vindalo $13.95 – $14.95 Hot and spicy dish cooked with potatoes
Fish or Shrimp Palak $13.95 – $14.95 Cooked with spinach & tomatoes.
Fish or Shrimp Jalfrazi $13.95 – $14.95 Cooked with tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers.
Lahori Fish Fry $13.95 Marinated in a mild sauce and deep fried.
Fish or Shrimp Qorma $14.95 – $15.95 Cooked with nuts in a creamy sauce.

Latham Biryani Menu : Bread Selection

Nan $1.95 Special dough mixed with milk, eggs and butter
Chapati $1.95 Thin flat roasted whole wheat bread
Poori $1.95 Deep fried thin whole wheat bread
Tandoori Roti $1.95 Unleavened bread cooked in Tandoor
Parath $2.95 Lightly fried whole wheat multi-layered bread
Aloo Paratha $3.95 Whole wheat lightly fried bread stuffed with mildly spiced potatoes
Garlic Kulcha $3.95 Bread made with a special dough sprinkled with garlic and herbs
Onion Kulcha $3.95 Bread made with a special dough sprinkled with fresh herbs and onions
Chef’ s Special Naan $4.95 Special dough mixed with milk, eggs, butter, sprinkled with homemade cheese and herbs baked in the tandoor

Latham Biryani Menu : Special Selection

Palak Paneer $10.95 Spinach cooked with homemade cheese.
Paneer Jalfrazi $10.95 Homemade cheese cooked with onions, tomatoes, and green peppers
Malai Kofta $11.95 Homemade cheese and mixed vegetables balls cooked in a creamy sauce
Mutter Paneer $11.95 Sweetpeas cooked with homemade cheese
Paneer Makhni $11.95 Homemade cheese cooked with almonds and cashews blend in a light creamy sauce.
Shahi Qorma $11.95 Boneless chicken cooked with homemade cheese in almonds and cashews blend in a creamy sauce.

Latham Biryani Menu : Condiments

Papadam $1.95 Fresh roasted lentil wafers.
Mint Chutney $1.95 Mint, cilantro, and green chili mixed with fresh yogurt
Tamarind Chutney $1.95 Tamarind prepared with sugar and mild sauce
Onion Chutney $1.95 Chopped onions in tomato paste
Raita $1.95 Tangy blend of grated carrots and cucumbers in yogurt.
Mixed Achar $1.95 Mango, carrots, green peppers, and lime pickles in oil
Mango Chutney $1.95 Sweet mango with mild sauce
Fresh Garden Salad $3.95 Served with homemade dressing

Latham Biryani Menu : Desserts

Kheer $3.95 Rice pudding garnished with almonds and pistachios.
Rasmalai $3.95 Fresh homemade cheese patties garnished with pistachios and sweetened milk Served cold.
Gulab Jaman $3.95 Milk cheese rounds in sugar syrup
Kulfi (Mango) $3.95 Frozen sweetened milk and mango pulp made with almonds and garnished with pistachios
Suji Halwa $3.95 Cream of wheat cooked with sugar and garnished with almond and pistachios
Kulfi (Plain) $3.95 Frozen sweetened milk made with almonds and garnished with pistachios.

Latham Biryani Menu : Beverages

Punjabi Lassi $3.50 Combination of yogurt, sugar or salt
Mango Lassi $3.50 Combination of yogurt and mango pulp
Soft Drinks $1.95 Soda, tea, iced tea, coffee, and spring water bottle
Spiced Tea $2.95 Made without milk
Masala Chai $2.95 Made with spices and milk
Chai Tea $2.95 Made with milk
Orange Juice $1.95
Mango Juice $1.95

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