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P & G Menu : Greens

Dressings: Upstreet house, greek, ranch, thousand island, blue cheese, oil and vinegar, italian, low fat italian, fat free raspberry, vinaigrette. Extra dressing $0.50
Upstreet Salad $7.50 Romaine & iceberg mix topped with tomatoes, onions, shredded swiss, parmesan, olives, walnuts and served with our own upstreet dressing. Add turkey or marinated grilled chicken $2.25
Greek Salad $7.50 Romaine & iceberg mix topped with tomatoes, onions, green pepper, cucumber, feta, greek olives served with our homemade garlic lemon dressing. Add chicken $2.25
Jumbo Tossed Salad $7.00 Romaine & iceberg mix, tomatoes, cucumbers, green pepper, black olives, onions & cheddar cheese
Jumbo Tossed Salad with a Scoop of Tuna Salad $9.25 With chicken salad, or edie’s egg salad
Pittsburgh-Style Grilled Chicken $9.25 Our jumbo tossed salad topped with grilled chicken strips & french fries

P & G Menu : Crab Corner

Egg beaters or egg whites add $1.00, each extra add-in add $0.50, extra meat or feta for omelet add $1.00
Pamela’s Famous Crepe Hotcakes $5.95 With bacon, sausage links or ham $2.00
American French Toast $5.95 With bacon, sausage links or ham $2.00
Crispy Malted Waffle $5.95 With walnuts, chocolate chips, or bananas $1.50, with strawberries or blueberries $2.00

P & G Menu : Regular Roll Sandwiches

All sandwiches served with your choice of our famous lyonnaise potatoes, french fries, onion rings or cole slaw. Add cheese add $0.50
1/2 Lb. Hamburger $6.75 With lettuce & tomato. Add cheese $0.50, add bacon & cheese $0.70
Edie’s Famous Egg Salad $6.50
Tuna Salad $6.50
Chicken Salad $6.50
Grilled Marinated Chicken Breast $6.75 With lettuce & tomato
Turkey Club $7.95
Roasted Turkey Breast $6.75 With lettuce & tomato
Breaded Chicken Tender Sandwich $6.75
Crispy Jumbo Fish $7.95
Grilled Cheese $6.00 With bacon or ham add $1.25
BLT $6.50

P & G Menu : Luncheonette Specialties

Served with your choice of our famous lyonnaise potatoes, french fries, onion rings or cole slaw.
P&G Diner Burger   1/2 lb. burger topped with fried jalepeno, onion straws, lettuce, tomato, cheddar, ketchup & mayo on a kaiser roll
Duquesne Special   A triple-decker with ham, egg, cheese, lettuce & tomato
Greek Wrap   Grilled marinated chicken breast topped with garlic spinach, feta & tomato, wrapped in a warm pita
Buffalo Chicken Wrap   Chicken tenders dunked in buffalo sauce, topped with lettuce & ranch dressing on a grilled pita
Forbes Street Special   Grilled marinated chicken breast topped with bacon, swiss, lettuce & tomato

P & G Menu : Extras

Bacon or Sausage Links $2.95
Turkey Sausage Patties $3.00
Hand-Carved Ham $3.50
Our Famous Lyonnaise Potatoes $3.25
Corned Beef Hash $5.95
Chorizo Hash $5.95
Bagel Or English Muffin $1.75 With cream cheese add $0.25
Toast $1.25
Raisin Toast $1.25
Short Stack $4.95
Egg & Cheese Sandwich $3.50 With bacon, ham, or sausage $1.00
Extra Egg $1.25
Fruit Bowl $4.00 Bananas & strawberries
Side of Strawberries $3.00

P & G Menu : Sides

Famous Lyonnaise Potatoes $3.25
French Fries $2.95
Cole Slaw $2.95
Beer Battered Onion Rings $2.95
Extra Guacamole or Salsa $0.75
Side Salad $4.25

P & G Menu : Drinks

Pepsi $1.99
Diet Pepsi $1.99
Mountain Dew $1.99
Sierra Mist $1.99
Mug Root Beer $1.99
Orange Crush $1.99
Pink Lemonade $1.99
Lipton Raspberry Iced Tea & Unsweetened Iced Tea $1.99
Apple Juice $1.59 – $2.99
Orange Juice $1.59 – $2.99
Tomato Juice $1.59 – $2.99
Cranberry Juice $1.59 – $2.99
Grapefruit Juice $1.59 – $2.99
2% Milk and Chocolate Milk $1.59 – $2.99
Hot Chocolate and Hot Tea $1.99
Bottomless Pot of Coffee $1.99

* Disclaimer: Information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current price and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.

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