Pine Lodge Steakhouse & Saloon Menu and Prices

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Pine Lodge Steakhouse & Saloon Menu : Appetizers

Pacific Rim Ahi Tuna $12.59 saku block of tuna served with our house blackening and served with seaweed in a wasabi soy sauce. served rare to medium.
Coconut Shrimp $9.99 jumbo shrimp rolled in our fresh coconut batter, delicatley fried and served with our marmalade sauce.
Calamari $8.90 a generous portion of tender calamari lightly floured then delicately deep fried and served with your choice of a sweet soy sauce or marinara sauce.
Spinach & Artichoke Dip $7.09 tender artichoke hearts and fresh spinach with creamy parmesan cheese served with flat bread and crispy tortilla chips.
Wild Wings $6.59 boneless chicken winds served mild, hot, too hot, honey bbq, or spicy garlic.
Lobster Boat $17.79 tender, buttery, king of the sea tender bites of warm water lobster tail sauteed with garlic and served in a boat of sizzling butter.
Steakhouse Shrimp “New Orleans” $10.29 jumbo shrimp lightly seasoned with “new orleans” spices and served in a sizzling boat of butter.
Stuffed Clams $9.99 a locals favorite tender top neck clams finely diced and blended with smokehouse bacon, ham, spinach and our own seasonings topped with cheese.
McHenry Crab Dip $11.19 lump crab meat blended with a rich cheese sauce and served with flat bread and crispy tortilla chips.
Mussels Marinere $8.89 mussels steamed in a white wine, seafood broth and served with diced tomatoes.

Pine Lodge Steakhouse & Saloon Menu : Soup And Salad

Legendary Crab Soup $5.39 – $6.79 a pine lodge steakhouse specialty rich and velvety soup prepared with fresh jumbo lump crab meat and finished with a hint of sherry.
French Onion Soup $6.90 a new twist on an old classic julienned onions browned with juicy beef tips and wild boar sausage and glazed with traditional beef broth. topped with our house crouton and parmesan cheese.
Pine Lodge Salad $8.89 a potpourri of gourmet spring mix greens, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes and pine nuts served with poppyseed vinaigrette.
Caesar Salad $7.29 crisp romaine lettuce tossed with our signature caesar dressing, fresh croutons and grated parmesan cheese.
Lake House Salad $7.89 mixed field greens topped with mangos, walnts and gouda cheese, served with honey raspberry vinaigrette.
Cranberry Apple Salad $7.89 spring mix tossed with granny smith apples, walnuts and blue cheese crumbles served with poppy seed dressing.
Pine Lodge Teaser $9.99 strips of seasoned beef tenderloin piled on a bed of mixed spring leaf lettuce drizzled with our popular house dressing, and topped with crispy hand-cut potato sticks and bleu cheese crumbles.

Pine Lodge Steakhouse & Saloon Menu : Salad Compliments

Add some flavor to your favorite salad.
Chicken $4.00
Steak $8.00
Crab Cake $8.00
Shrimp Skewer $5.00
Walnuts $1.00
Mangos $1.00
Granny Smith Apples $1.00
Blue Cheese Crumbles $1.00
Southwest Chicken Salad $9.89 blackened chicken breast on a bed of spring mix and topped with crispy flat bread strips.

Pine Lodge Steakhouse & Saloon Menu : Steakhouse Entrees

BBQ Baby Back Ribs $22.09 – $17.99 melt in your mouth tender a full rack of tender baby back ribs served fall-off-the-bone tender and extremely flavorful in our house bbq sauce. (full rack, half rack).
New York Strip $29.99 the premier of steaks 12 ounce, hand-cut and perfeclt seasoned. best steak on the lake.
Filet Mignon $25.99 – $34.99 only the best. a usda filet perfectly seasoned, served tender and juicy. add lobster tail $18.00. (five ounce, nine ounce).
Prime Rib $28.29 – $25.59 our house speciality hand cut succulent portion of prime rib slow roasted over night and served overflowing with juices. lumber jack 14oz, yarder 10oz.
Oak Barrel Steak $23.19 a local favorite a tender? 8 ounce, certified black angus, flat iron steak with essence of oak and grilled to perfection.
Porterhouse $45.29 usda choice, heavily marbled black angus? 20 ounce porterhouse for those desiring the filet and ny strip.
Jack Daniels Steak $23.69 8 oz of sirloin steak sauteed with shallots and brown sauce then finished with a jack daniels bourbon bbq sauce.
Cowboy Steak $36.29 black angus 16 oz. ribeye steak grilled with the bone on for the ultimate in flavor.

Pine Lodge Steakhouse & Saloon Menu : Steak Compliments

Lobster Tail $18.00
Crab Cake $8.00
1/4 Rack Of Ribs $4.00
Bearnaise Sauce $2.00
Hollandaise Sauce $2.00
Sauted Mushrooms $2.00
Sauted Onions $2.00
Blue Cheese Crumbles $1.00
Snow Crab Leg Cluster $8.00
Shrimp Skewer $5.00
Buffalo T-Bone $44.99 nutritious, all natural 16 oz buffalo t-bone steak grilled to perfection.

Pine Lodge Steakhouse & Saloon Menu : Pasta & Poultry

Maryland Blue Crab Raviloi $22.09 fresh maryland blue crab fresh ravioli over stuffed with maryland blue crab, ricotta cheese and traditional spices topped with lobster alfredo sauce and creamy three cheese polenta.
Chicken Oscar $22.69 an 8 ounce chicken breast topped with lump crab meat, served with asparagus spears and draped in our legendary creamy crab soup.
Pasta Alfredo $12.49 fresh vegetables and oven roasted tomatoes with linguini pasta tossed in alfredo sauce and topped with parmesan cheese. add chicken $4.00, add steak $8.00.
Chipotle Bourbon Chicken $16.69 tender chicken breast lightly broiled and finished with a chipotle bourbon glaze.
Shrimp Scampi $17.99 jumbo shrimp delicately sauteed in a white wine and garlic herb sauce tossed in a bed of linguini.
Honey Pepper Chicken $16.69 twin chicken breasts marniated with a honey citrus pepper glaze and brioled to perfection.
Mildred’s Spring Chicken $14.69 grilled 8 ounce chicken breast topped with mushrooms & onions caramelized in brown sugar and finished with monterey jack cheese.

Pine Lodge Steakhouse & Saloon Menu : Seafood Selections

Blackened Flounder $19.29 succulent snow white flounder fish, broiled to perfection and served with a pineapple, mango relish.
Chipotle Bourbon Salmon $21.89 fresh hand-cut, cold-water salmon grilled and finished with a chipotle bourbon glaze.
Tilapia Newburg $21.89 tender shrimp and scallops lightly sauteed in a creamy newburg sauce then piled high on a filet of tilapia.
Crab Cakes $22.59 this popular house specialty of maryland jumbo lump crab cakes are served broiled with no filler delicious.
Grilled Salmon $21.89 fresh hand – cut cold water filet lightly seasoned with smoked sea salt and grilled to perfection.
Seafood Strude $18.99 tender bites of scallops and shrimp tossed in a lobster bisque and baked in a puff pastry delight.
Snow Crab Legs $34.29 straight from the cold alaskan waters 2 pounds of snow crab legs served with hot drawn butter.

Pine Lodge Steakhouse & Saloon Menu : Maryland’s Surf & Turf

Crab Cake & 5 Oz. Filet $33.99 an ultra-petite center cut filet served with our jumbo lump crab cake.
Lobster Tail & 5 Oz. Filet $43.99 an ultra-petite center cut filet served with our warm water 6 ounce lobster tail and drawn butter.
Crab Cake & 10 Oz. Oak Barrel Steak $31.19 this terrific flat iron steak with essence of oak served beside our house specialty jumbo lump crab cake.
BBQ Ribs And Honey Pepper Chicken $22.29 our fall-off-the-bone baby back ribs paired perfectly with the oven roased honey pepper chicken.

Pine Lodge Steakhouse & Saloon Menu : Kids Corner

Monster Noodles $5.00 for kids 12 years and under linguini noodles served with your choice of butter, alfredo or marinara sauce.
Chicken Tenders $5.00 served with choice of bbq or honey mustard sauce.
Kids Burger $5.00 six ounces of ground beef, served with fries.
Macaroni And Cheese $5.00 a kid’s favorite.
Kid’s Crab Cake Dinner $10.00 four ounce crab cake with fries.
Four Ounce Oak Barrel Steak $8.00 served with crinkle cut fries.
1/4 Rack Of BBQ Ribs $9.00 served with crinkle cut fries.

Pine Lodge Steakhouse & Saloon Menu : Pine Lodge Saloon Happy Hour Food

Pine Lodge Kebob   tender chunks of beef served on a skewer with mushrooms, onions, cherry tomatoes and green peppers on a bed of wild rice.
Pot Stickers   traditional pork pot stickers lightly sauteed, served with sweet thai chili sauce and soy sauce.
Steamed Shrimp   half pound of marinated shrimp steamed in an aromatic beer broth.
Wild Wings   boneless chicken wings served mild, hot, honey bbq or spicy garlic.
Spring Rolls   traditional vegetable spring rolls accompanied with sweet soy sauce and soy wasabi sauce.
Shrimp And Chips   tender shrimp lightly breaded served with fresh cut french fries.
Buffalo Popcorn Shrimp   tender shrimp breaded with buffalo style bread crumbs.

Pine Lodge Steakhouse & Saloon Menu : Saloon Fare

Pine Lodge Burger $9.09 our traditional 8 ounce juicy burger grilled with our house seasoning. add cheese $1.00, add bacon $1.00.
Smokin’ Gouda Burger $11.69 cattleman’s usda steak burger grilled to perfection and topped with apple wood bacon, gouda cheese and our house bbq sauce.
Chicken Fingers $7.09 – $7.59 tender strips of chicken lightly breaded. buffalo style.
Cattleman’s Sandwich $10.89 great with blackening seasoning our tasty prime rib sliced thin and placed on a kaiser roll served with dijon horseradish sauce. add cheddar cheese $1.00
Steak & Cheese $10.49 five ounces of shaved prime rib topped with grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms and our house blend of cheeses rolled in our specialty flat bread.
Crabby Chicken Sandwich $10.29 grilled chicken breast topped with our lump crab cake and served with melted cheese on a kaiser roll.
Lake’s Best Wings $9.99 10 jumbo chicken wings served mild, hot, too hot, honey bbq or spicy garlic.
The Marylander $9.09 a locals favorite our house specialty jumbo lump crab cakes broiled and served on a fresh kaiser bun.
Mountainous Prime Rib Bites $12.29 tender bites of prime rib lightly blackened and sauteed with soy and teriyaki sauces served on a bed of wild rice with dijon horseradish sauce.
Quarter Rack Of Ribs $8.00 tender baby back ribs smothered in our homemade bbq sauce with fries.
Chicken Pesto Pasta $6.89 fresh vegetables sauteed with our creamy basil pesto sauce, tossed with grilled chicken breast.
Buffalo Chicken Wrap $8.69 tender strips of breaded chicken breast tossed in hot sauce and blue cheese dressing and wrapped in flat bread with lettuce and tomatoes.
Fish And Chips $7.89 beer battered cod filets serced with crinkle cut french fries and tarter sauce.
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $6.29 a skinless chicken breast marinated in our house marinade and served on a kaiser roll.

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