Pique Y Pase Pepin Menu and Prices

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Pique Y Pase Pepin Menu : …

Hornado $8.00 roast pork
Fritada $8.00 fried pork
Guatita $8.00 beef tripe stew
Seco De Chivo $8.00 braised goat stew
Seco De Pollo $8.00 chicken stew
Carne Guisada $8.00 beef stew
Papas Con Cuero $8.00 potatoes w/pork skin
Lengua Guisada $8.00 beef tongue stew
Encebollado De Pescado $8.00 tuna soup
Ceviche De Camaron $8.00 shrimp cocktail (ceviche)
Carne Asada $10.00 grilled steak
Caldo De Bagre $10.00 catfish soup
Mixtos $10.00 mixed seafood ceviche
Banderas $14.00 tamales (corn meal concoction wrapped up and steamed in a banana or corn husk), humitas (sweet tamale), and morcillas (blood sausage)

Pique Y Pase Pepin Menu : Drinks

Quaker   oatmeal-like drink
Mora   blackberry
Coco   coconut
Tamarindo   tamarind
Morocho Con Pan Y Nata   corn drink with bread and cream

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