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Piqueo’s Menu : Para Empezar $9

To Start
Quinoa Salad   with mixed greens, peruvian corn, tomatoes, onions, feta cheese and aji amarillo vinaigrette
Aguadito De Pollo   cilantro-chicken soup with rice, potatoes, peas, carrots & ginger

Piqueo’s Menu : Tiradito $16

Sashimi Style
Red Snapper  
Thinly Sliced   with aji amarillo
Ginger Sauce & Sarsita De Choclo  

Piqueo’s Menu : Tartar $18

Diced Ahi Tuna Or Marinated In Oriental Sauce   served with plantain chips & avocado puree

Piqueo’s Menu : Causa $12

Traditional Peruvian Mashed Potato Flavored Aji Amarillo, Lime Juice, Olive Oil
Causita Limeña   with shredded chicken breast in rocoto mayo

Piqueo’s Menu : Los Cebiches

The National Dish Of Peru – Quick Marinated In Lime Juice And Peppers (Leche De Tigre). Prepared With The Freshest Fish And Shellfish. Served With Cancha, Peruvian Corn And Camote
Cebiche Piqueos (Trio) $19.00
Cebiche Mixto $16.00 red snapper, mussels & clams, shrimp, red onions, cilantro & aji rocoto leche de tigre
Cebiche De Pescado $14.00 red snapper with red onions, cilantro in aji rocoto & leche de tigre
Chino – Peruano $15.00 ahi tuna with aji rocoto-tamarindo, leche de tigre & crispy wontons
Chalaca De Pulpo $13.00 lightly grilled then topped with salsa chalaca

Piqueo’s Menu : Anticuchos $12

Anticucho De Corazón   marinated beef heart brochettes with potatoes & spicy salsa panchita
Anticucho De Pollo   marinated chicken thigh, sweet potato fries & huacatay sauce

Piqueo’s Menu : Tapas

Small Plates
Crab Cake Peruano $16.00 potato chips crusted fresh dungeness crab cake served with sweet aji rocoto sauce
Humita Dulce $12.00 fresh sweet corn tamal with queso fresco served with mole peruano
Tamal Ficho $12.00 with duck confit, botija olive and sarsa escabeche
Palta Rellena $11.00 half avocado stuffed with sautéed chicken & veggies
Sanguchon – Sandwich $13.00 pulled pork, salsa criolla, & sweet potatoes chips
Pulpito Bebé $13.00 grilled baby octopus with white beans & olive sauce
Bolitas De Yucca $13.00 crispy yucca balls stuffed with ham & cheese. served with andouille sausage sauce
Pobrecito $11.00 white beans-rice cake (tacu-tacu), fried plantain & sunny side up egg
Costillita De Chancho (BBQ) $13.00 grilled pork sparerib glazed with homemade bbq sauce
Tequeños $13.00 shrimp-mozzarella stuffed wontons with chicha morada sauce and avocado mousse
Empanadas (Two Per Order) $10.00 choice of beef or cheese
Quesadilla De Pato $14.00 duck quesadilla with goat cheese, caramelized onions & chocolate sauce

Piqueo’s Menu : Mas Tapas

Caigua Rellena $12.00 oven baked peruvian sweet pepper stuffed with beef piccadillo & melted cheese
Chicharrones (Fried & Crispy) $13.00 choice of chicken or calamari marinated in aji amarillo, garlic & sea salt
Pastel De Choclo $12.00 peruvian corn cake with sofrito, queso fresco potato & mint, served with panca aioli
Orejitas De Chancho $12.00 crispy pig ear with aji panca aioli & spicy rocoto sauce
Platanito $10.00 ripe plantain with smoked mozzarella & sarsa panchita
Short Ribs (Stew) $12.00 braised in red wine – tomato sauce with potato and carrots
Papa Rellena (Fried) $11.00 yellow potato ball stuffed with beef picadillo
Inca Trail $12.00 andean grain stew with spanish chorizo & 2 eggs sunny side up
Mac N’ Cheese $12.00 with bacon, mixed cheeses & huancaina sauce
Camarones Al Ajo $15.00 sauteed tiger shrimp with garlic sauce & sofrito

Piqueo’s Menu : Fondos

Chuletitas De Cordero $19.00 grilled lamb chops, mashed potato and chimichurri
Aji De Gallina $18.00 shredded chicken breast slow braised in a aji amarillo creamy sauce with botija olive, hard boiled egg
Churrasco $28.00 grilled n. york steak, served with yucca fries & piqueos chimichurri
Adobo $19.00 pork shoulder braised in adobo sauce with, sofrito, beer, and banana leaf infused with mashed potatoes
Lomito Al Jugo $19.00 stir fry beef tenderloin with tomatoes, onions, cilantro & soy sauce served with fries & rice
Arroz Con Pato (Duck Paella) $22.00 arborio rice, duck breast, peruvian corn, bell peppers, spanish chorizo, and peas cooked in cilantro-beer base
Pechuga De Pato $20.00 roasted muscovick duck breast with mashed plantain & escabeche
Calamares Relleno $19.00 spanish chorizo, stuffed calamari with green lentil & huacatay sauce
Tuna Criolla $22.00 pan seared ahi tuna with tacu-tacu (white beans-rice cake) & fried plantain
Salmon Andino $20.00 quinoa encrusted with barley stew & escabeche
Seco De Cordero $21.00 chunks of leg of lamb slow braised in cilantro-peruvian dark beer sauce with white beans
Pescado A Lo Macho $22.00 roasted halibut fillet with assortment of seafood braised in spicy aji rocoto tomato sauce with tacu-tacu

Piqueo’s Menu : Para Acompañar

Sauteed Spinach $7.00 with garlic
Fried Plantain $6.00
Mashed Potatoes $4.00
Yucca Frita $7.00
Garlic French Fries $6.00
Sweet Potatoes Fries $6.00

Piqueo’s Menu : Paellas $22

Clasico   arborio rice cooked in saffron-tomato sauce with prawns, red snapper, mussels, clams & halibut
Negra   arborio rice cooked in squid ink base with prawns, red snapper, mussels, clams & halibut

Piqueo’s Menu : Postres

Arroz Con Leche $8.00 rice pudding with chicha morada sauce
Quinoa Flan $8.00 with mixed fresh berries
Alfajores $7.00 peruvian cookies stuff with dulce de leche
Suspiro A La Limeña $8.50 dulce de leche with pisco whipped cream

Piqueo’s Menu : Vinos Dulces $8

Ochoa Moscatel (Sweet)  
Porto Barros Tawny 10yrs Old  

Piqueo’s Menu : Cervezas

Cristal $5.00 peru
Cusqueña $5.00 peru
Heineken $4.50 netherlands
Corona $5.00 mexico
St. Pauli Girl $4.50 non alc
Sapporo $4.50 japan
Red Tail $4.50 california
Samuel Adams $4.50 massachusetts
Sierra Nevada $4.50 california
Anchor Steam $4.50 california

Piqueo’s Menu : Soft Drinks

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite $2.00
Pellegrino Water $7.00
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade $3.00

Piqueo’s Menu : Peruvian Soft Drinks

Chicha Morada (Authentic Recipe) $3.00
Inca Kola $3.00
Maracuya $3.00
Tamarindo (House Made) $3.50
Guanabana (House Made) $3.50

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