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Pita Loca Menu : Special $12.99


Pita Loca Menu : Appetizers

Humus $4.99 fresh ground chickpea dip.
Tahina $5.99 homemade sesame dip.
Baba Ganush $5.99 roasted eggplant dip with mayonnaise.
Matbucha Salad $4.99 cooked red peppers and tomato salad.
Falafel Ball $2.99 fresh fried chickpeas.
Kubba $3.50 bulgur balls filled with ground beef.
Moroccan Cigars $6.99
Falafel Plate $12.99 served with french fries, israeli salad and tahina.
Tabuli Salad $4.99 fresh parsley salad with bulgur wheat.
Fried Moroccan Platter $13.99 moroccan cigars, kubba, onion rings, chicken nuggets, and falafel.

Pita Loca Menu : Homemade Soups $3.99

Split Pea  

Pita Loca Menu : House Salads

Tabuli $8.99
Israeli $8.99
Israeli Salad & Grilled Chicken $14.99
Salad Bar $9.99
Tuna $10.99 bishul israel.
Combo $13.99 humus, tahina, baba ganush, matbucha, salad bar.

Pita Loca Menu : Sandwiches

Shawarma $9.25
Falafel $6.99
Margaz $9.25 spicy moroccan sausage.
Chicken Shish Kabob $9.25
Beef Shish Kabob $10.99
Lamb Shish Kabob $13.99
Grilled Chicken $9.25
Moroccan Kabob $9.99 ground beef.
Shnitzel $9.25
Rib Eye Steak $14.99
Hot Dogs $7.99
Veggie Combo $5.99
Shawarma Sandwich Combo $13.50 shawarma with french fries and soda.
Hamburger $12.99 pure homemade ground beef served on a bun with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and french fries.

Pita Loca Menu : From The Grill

Shawarma Plate $17.99 lamb & turkey spiced and sliced.
Margaz Plate $17.99 spicy moroccan sausage.
Rib Steak Plate $31.99
Prime Rib Steak Plate $31.99
Lamb Shish Kabob Plate $23.99
Grilled Chicken Breast Plate $17.99
Moroccan Kabob Plate $18.99 pure homemade ground beef.
Chicken Schnitzel Plate $17.99 breaded and lightly fried breast.
Couscous & Vegetables W/ Chicken $17.99
Chicken Shish Kabob Plate $17.99
Beef Shish Kabob Plate $20.99
Lamb Chops Plate $35.99
Mixed Grill $25.99 baby chicken, shawarma, and kabob.

Pita Loca Menu : Pita Loca Specials

Split Pea Soup $4.99
Lentil Soup $4.99
Soup Of The Day $4.99
Fish Cakes $10.99 three fish cakes served with chili lime sauce.
Beach Salad $9.99 romaine lettuce, avocado, mango, red onion, cilantro, oranges and jalapeno with a balsamic vinaigrette.
Sesame Seared Tuna Salad $19.99 romaine lettuce, cherry tomato, avocado, carrot and scallion with ponzu sauce.
Salmon Miso $19.99 pan seared miso salmon with coconut brown rice and roasted zucchini.
Coconut Curry Tilapia $17.99 pan seared tilapia on top of linguine with bell peppers in a coconut curry sauce.
Tuna Teriyaki $24.99 pan seared tuna on top of sauteed vegetables with teriyaki sauce.
Seabass $29.99 pan seared seabass on top of mixed mashed potato and sweet potato with chimichurri.
Garden Fusilli $10.99 fusilli pasta with bell pepper, msuhroom, sweet potato with a cilantro sauce.

Pita Loca Menu : Children’s Specials

Hot Dog & Fries Kid’s Meal $4.99
Hamburger & Fries Kid’s Meal $7.99
Chicken Nuggets & Fries Kid’s Meal $6.99

Pita Loca Menu : Side Orders

French Fries $6.99 – $4.25
Spicy Curly Fries $6.99
Onion Rings $4.99
Rice And Beans $3.99

Pita Loca Menu : Desserts

Baklava $3.99
Watermelon $9.99

Pita Loca Menu : Beverages

Canned Soda $1.50 coke, diet coke, coke zero, sprite, diet sprite, fanta orange
Glass Bottled Soda $1.75 coke, sprite
Bottled Water $1.50
Evian Water $4.99
Perrier $2.25
San Pellegrino $4.99
Nectar $2.50 prigat, spring
Snapple $2.25 peach tea, diet peach tea, kiwi strawberry, mango, lemon tea, diet lemon tea, raspberry tea, diet raspberry tea, apple
Arizona $2.25 lemon tea, green tea, peach tea, raspberry tea, diet raspberry tea
Vitamin Water $2.75 assorted flavors.
Mint Tea $2.00
Turkish Coffee $2.00

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