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Pita Pocket Eatery Menu : Vegetarian Menu

Falafel   100% gluten free. tender inside and crunchy outside. carefully selected chickpeas prepared to perfection. a combination of our old family recipe of blended spices, fresh parsley and cilantro, quick-f
Falafel $7.50 sandwich
Falafel $10.75 platter (salad, hummus, tahini, served with a pita)
Falafel $15.00 twenty falafel with tahini sauce
Hummus   creamy blend of cooked chickpeas mixed with our own tahini sauce and savory spices.
Hummus $7.50 sandwich
Hummus $8.95 plate
Baba Ganoush   or baba, for short. roasted eggplants, mixed with our own tahini sauce, garlic and spices with a splash of lemon juice.
Baba Ganoush $7.50 sandwich
Baba Ganoush $10.75 platter (salad, hummus, and served with a pita)
Fuul   this old egyptian fava bean dish, is delish. a rich source of protein gently mashed and mixed with spices and topped with tahini sauce.
Fuul $7.50 sandwich
Fuul $10.75 platter
Eggplant Slices   this is also known as our filet mignon-large marinated slices of eggplant cooked to perfection.
Eggplant Slices $7.50 sandwich
Eggplant Slices $10.75 platter ( hummus, salad, and served with a pita)
Sabich   this sandwich is a meal by itself. a warm pita stuffed with hummus, slice of eggplant and a sliced hard boiled egg. add some pickles and your taste buds will thank you.
Sabich $7.50 sandwich
Sabich $8.95 with falafel
Stuffed Grape Leaves Platter $10.75 individual rolls available
Sampler $14.95 includes salad, pita, hummus, four falafel, tabuli, fuul, babaganoush, a slice of eggplant, stuffed grape leaf, tahini.

Pita Pocket Eatery Menu : Soup & Salads

Tabuli $10.75 pre-soaked and seasoned bulgur wheat mixed with freshly chopped parsley, tomatoes and shallots, makes this dish zesty and refreshing.
Salad $8.95 – $4.95 served with a pita
Lentil Soup $3.95 vegetarian, spicy and unique, freshly made from red lentil. this soup is full of antioxidants; fresh celery, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, garlic and spices
Chicken Shawarma   (gyro to some) marinated chicken with turkish spices slowly rotated in front of a fire and sliced thin to order; seared on the outside and juicy on the inside.
Chicken Shawarma $9.95 sandwich
Chicken Shawarma $14.95 platter
Chicken Shawarma $10.95 shawarma with falafel or eggplant sandwich

Pita Pocket Eatery Menu : Take Home Containers $7.50


Pita Pocket Eatery Menu : Side Orders

French Fries $3.95 freshly cut and fried to order potatoes.
Pita Bread $1.50 – $4.25 this born in brooklyn, delicious bread, was chosen specifically to complement our dishes. it is thin on one side and thick on the other. it is sooo good you can eat it just by itself.

Pita Pocket Eatery Menu : Desserts

Halva $5.00 mouth-watering imported dessert. a combination of sesame paste, sugar and either pure cocoa chocolate, or pistachio.
Baklava $4.00 a pastry of layered phyla dough, sugar and nuts, garnished with honey
Kataifi $4.00 a tasty shredded phyla dough baked with a mix of sugar lemon juice and spices, this dessert may become one of your favorites.

Pita Pocket Eatery Menu : Specialty Beverages

Turkish Coffee $2.50 imported brazilian coffee ground to powder consistency. this robust coffee is made to order over open fire in a special pot called finjan, served with or without sugar.
Hibiscus Sangria $3.50 recommended by dr. oz, this refreshing tart tasting drink is made dally from imported hibiscus flowers. if you like it sweetened, add some sugar.

Pita Pocket Eatery Menu : Beverages

Soda $2.25
Coffee $1.75
Tea $1.25
Bottled Water $1.25

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