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Plearn Thai Cuisine Menu : Appetizers

Gho-Krob $5.99 Spicy fried won-ton with potato, onion and curry powder, served with cool, refreshing cucumber sauce. (vegetarian)
Tow-Hu-Tod $5.99 Prepared especially for vegetarians. Deep fried bean cakes with spicy peanut sauce. (vegetarian)
Po-Piah-Tod $5.99 Crispy rice-paper spring roll, stuffed with taro. (vegetarian)
Po-Piah-Sod $5.99 Fresh rice paper spring rolls, stuffed with tofu, bean sprouts, green onion, cucumber, eggs and rice noodles. Served with Thai sweet-n-spicy sauce. (vegetarian)
Tod-Mun $6.99 Spicy fried fish cakes served with cool, refreshing cucumber-peanut sauce.
Mee-Krob $6.99 Sweet crispy noodles with shrimp, pork, egg and bean sprouts.
Sa-Tay $6.99 Peanut curry sauce treats. Skewer served barbecued chicken. Marinated in coconut milk.
Kung-Tod $8.99 Prawns, carrot, bell pepper, broccoli and onion, deep-fried in a very delicate batter, served with hot-n-sour sauce.
Mok-Tod $8.99 Deep-fried quails. Marinated in garlic, ground pepper and cilantro. Served with spicy sauce.
Meang-Kum $6.99 Toasted coconut, fresh ginger, onion, lemon, peanuts and dried shrimp served with spinach and brown sugar sauce.

Plearn Thai Cuisine Menu : Salads

Yum-Pla-Muek $7.99 Fresh calamari, cooked and seasoned with lime, chili, onion and mint leaves, on a bed of lettuce.
Yum-Nua $7.99 Barbecued beef, mint leaves, onion, cucumber, tomato, ground chili, ginger and rice powder with lime juice, on a bed of lettuce.
Yum-Gai $7.99 Chicken with onion, seasoned in ground chili, ginger and lime juice, on a bed of lettuce.
Pla-Kung $8.99 Prawns grilled medium rare, seasoned with lime, chili, onion and fresh mint leaves, on a bed of lettuce.
Yum-Yai $7.99 Mixture of chicken, pork and prawns, seasoned with lime and Thai spices, then tossed with a variety of vegetables and eggs.
Yum-Woon-Sen $7.99 Crystal bean noodles with chicken, pork and prawns, seasoned with spicy cool lime sauce and onion.
Yum-Samh-Sae $7.99 Mixture of calamari and prawns, with crystal bean thread noodles, ginger, green onions, lime juice and spicy chili sauce.
Som-Tum $7.99 Shredded green papaya mixed with chicken and prawns, seasoned with lime juice, garlic, tomato, ground peanut and spicy sauce.
Tow-Hu Salad $7.99 Deep fried bean cakes with bean sprouts, tomatoes, cabbage, carrots and peanut sauce.

Plearn Thai Cuisine Menu : Soups

Kang-Jerd $8.99 Mixed vegetables soup with crystal bean thread noodles with choice of chicken or pork.
Tom-Yum $8.99 Choice of chicken or prawns, served with mushroom and lemon grass, in a lime juice hot-n-sour broth.
Tom-Kha-Gai $8.99 Chicken in a rich coconut broth with mushroom a touch of lime juice and galangal.
Po-Tak $9.99 Seafood delight, fish, prawns and calamari in a lime juice hot-n-sour broth with mushroom, lemon grass and green onions.

Plearn Thai Cuisine Menu : Curries

Kang-Keow-Wan $8.99 Choice of chicken, pork, prawns or combination seafood, simmered in green curry, with coconut milk, bamboo shoot and sweet peas.
Kang Curry $8.99 Chicken simmered in yellow curry, with coconut milk, potatoes and carrots.
Pumpkin Curry $8.99 Choice of chicken, pork, beef or tofu with coconut milk, green beans and pumpkin.
Panang-Nua $8.99 Beef cooked in red curry peanut sauce.

Plearn Thai Cuisine Menu : Roasted & Fried

Peak-Kai $8.99 Boneless chicken wings stuffed with crystal bean thread noodles, pork and onion, served with sweet-n-sour sauce.
Mu-Yang $8.99 Pork specialty marinated in Thai spices, then roasted to perfection.
Gai-Yang $8.99 Chicken roasted with a special blend of Thai spices. Served with hot-n-sour sauce.
Pla-Tod $10.99 Deep-fried filet of sole, topped with pleasant hot-n-spicy sauce.

Plearn Thai Cuisine Menu : Wok Fried

Pat-Tout-Ngok $8.50 Bean curd and bean sprouts, cooked with green onion in Thai sauce. (vegetarian)
Pat-Puk $8.50 Mixed vegetables with bean curd and cashew nuts, served with black bean sauce. (vegetarian)
Flying Squid $8.99 Choice of chicken, pork, beef or calamari, marinated with garlic, cilantro and ground pepper, then lightly sauteed.
Pat-Thai $8.99 Thai rice noodles, chicken, shrimp and eggs, panfried with onion and bean sprouts.
Pat-King $8.99 Choice of chicken, pork, beef or calamari, served with ginger, onion, bell pepper, mushrooms and black bean sauce.
Pat-Preow-Wan $8.99 Choice of sweet-n-sour chicken, pork or prawns, served with cucumber, onion, tomato, bell pepper and pineapple.
Pat-Bai-Krapow $8.99 Choice of chicken, pork, beef or calamari, served with sweet basil, green bean bamboo shoots.
Pat-Pik-King $8.99 Choice of chicken, pork or bean curd, cooked with green chili, red spiced curry and Thai string beans.
Pat-Hed $8.99 Choice of chicken, pork, beef, prawns or calamari, served with mushrooms and baby corn.
Po-Toen $9.99 Mixture of shrimp, fish and calamari, flavored with ground lemon grass, pepper, eggplant, mushroom and spicy chili oil.
Pat-Him-Ma-Pan $9.99 Choice of hot-n-spicy chicken, pork or beef, fried with cashew nuts and dry chili.
Kao-Pat-Siam $8.99 Thai-style fried rice deliciously prepared with shrimp, chicken, egg, onion, sugar pea, baby corn and mushrooms.
Ma-Kuer-Pad $9.99 Eggplant pan fried with choice of prawns-n-pork or prawns-n-chicken, onion,
Pla-Naung $10.99 Steamed hot filet of sole, topped with ginger, bean sauce and hot chili.

Plearn Thai Cuisine Menu : Chef’s Specials

Plearn’s Nua-Yang $9.99 Beef specialty marinated with Thai spices, then roasted and sprinkled with sesame seed.
Thai-Suki $9.99 Crystal bean thread noodles with beef, chicken, prawns, calamari, fish balls, bean curd and eggs cooked with variety of vegetables in a special soy bean sauce.
Mor-Din $10.99 A delightful mixture of prawns, calamari and scallops with crystal bean thread noodles, cabbage, mushrooms, baby corn and special Thai seasonings.
Plearn’s Duckling $10.99 Thai-style duckling with pineapple, baby corn, onion, bell pepper and super special plum sauce.
Jumbo Prawns $13.99 Jumbo prawns lightly sauteed in garlic and Thai spices or prawns sauteed with ginger, yellow curry, eggs, green onion and a special blend of Thai spices.
Koong-Ka-Tee $9.99 Prawns sauteed in coconut milk, peanut sauce with carrots, snap peas and Thai spices.
Pla-Pow $14.50 Baked salmon with ginger, green onion and cabbage wrap in banana leaves. Served with chef’s special spicy sauce.
Pra-Ram $8.99 Choice of chicken or bean curd with spinach, broccoli and peanut curry sauce.
Hoy-Naung $8.99 Steamed fresh green mussels seasoned with sweet basil, lemon grass and lime leaves. Served with hot sauce.
Masaman $8.99

Plearn Thai Cuisine Menu : Rice

White Rice $1.00 Single serving.
Brown Rice $2.00 Single serving.

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