Po Siam Thai Restaurant Menu and Prices

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Po Siam Thai Restaurant Menu : Appetizers

Satay Pork Or Chicken $5.95 B.b.q. pork or chicken on skewer served with peanut sauce & side dish of cucumber salad.
Tod Mun Pla $5.95 Fried fish patties served with sweet & sour cucumber sauce.
Spring Roll $3.95 Deep fried egg roll stuffed with minced pork, mushroom and bean thread noodle.
Hae Ghun $5.95 Deep fried shrimp and pork wrapped in bean curd skin.
Fresh Spring Rolls $5.95 Steamed fresh egg rolls stuffed with pork, sausage, bean sprout egg and crab meat topped with tamarind & mustard sauce.
Fried Bean Curd $4.95 Fried tofu with hot & sour & sweet peanut sauce.
Thai Steam Dumplings $4.95 With spicy garlic soy sauce.
Hoi-Obb In Hot Pot $6.95 Fresh steamed mussels with lemon grass, thai basil, and chef special hot sauce.
Fried Squid $6.95 Lightly batter with flour and deep fried served with sweet & spicy sauce.
Vegetable Curry Puff $6.95 Potato, peas, mushroom, wrapped w/ pastry puff.
Chive Dumpling $4.95 Chive filling wrapped with rice dough deep fried.

Po Siam Thai Restaurant Menu : Soups

Tom Yum Goong Or Gai $4.50 – $9.95 Shrimps or chicken hot and sour seasoned with lemon grass, green & red bell pepper.
Tom Kha Gai $4.50 – $9.95 Chicken hot & sour in coconut milk lemon grass, roasted chili pepper, green & red bell pepper.
Poh Tack $5.95 – $9.95 Assorted seafood in lemon juice, and spiced bay leaf with chili, green & red bell pepper.
Tofu With Pork $3.95 – $8.95 Tofu with pork and vegetable.
Woon Sen Soup $3.95 – $8.95 Bean threads noodle soup with ground pork and vegetable.

Po Siam Thai Restaurant Menu : Salad

Yum Pla Mouk $7.95 Steamed squids in lemon juice, onions, & chili.
Plah Goong $8.95 Steamed shrimp with lemon juice, onion & chili seasoned with lettuce.
Yum Woon Sen $7.95 Mixed bean threads with shrimp and pork with lemon juice, chicken and chilli.
Yum Nuer Num Tok $7.95 Spicy grilled beef with lemon juice and basil leavers crispy rice and chicken.
Yum Nam Sod $7.95 Ground pork steamed with lemon juice, ginger and peanuts.
Nuer Yang $7.95 Sliced grilled beef with hot spicy sauce on the side.
Yum Talay $9.95 A combination of seafood in lemon juice, onions, chili, pepper, on bed of lettuce.
Yum Roast Duck $7.95 Sliced roast duck bedded with lettuce in lemon juice, onion, chili tomato and fresh ginger.
Yum Pla Dook Foo $7.95 Crispy puffed catfish come w/ mango, red onion, & chef special chili pepper sauce on the side.
Som Tum $6.95 Green papaya, green bean, chili pepper, dry shrimp, lemon juice.
Som Tum – Blue Crab $7.95
Larb Gai $7.95 Steam minced chicken meat with red pepper, red onion and lemon juice.
Mou-Yang $7.95 Grilled marinated sliced tender lion pork, with plum sauce and sticky rice.

Po Siam Thai Restaurant Menu : A La Carte

Hot and spicy can be omitted. All entrees served with rice. Extra rice $1.00.
Pla Meuk Prik Pao $9.95 Stir fried squid with spicy thai herbs, basil, carrot and white onion.
Goong Prik Pao $12.95 Deep fried shrimps top with spicy thai herbs, basil, carrot and white onion.
Pad Ped Talay $12.95 Stir fried assorted seafood with basil, carrot, ginger, garlic, and chili pepper.
Shell Crab   Shell crabs, lightly battered, deep fried, served w/ chili, basil, bell pepper, carrots herbs sauce.
Rad Prik   Whole flounder over with stir fried thai herbs, basil, onion, straw mushroom, and sauce.
Chu Se   Whole flounder w/ red curry coconut milk sauce, onion, ginger & sliced mushroom.
Khing $9.95 – $12.95 Chicken, beef or pork stir fried with garlic, fresh ginger, chinese mushroom, sliced pea, black bean sauce, and spring onion.
Kra Prao $12.95 Chicken beef or pork stir fried with green, red pepper, and basil liquid, shrimp or honey roasted duck.
Khing Chicken, Beef Or Pork $10.95 – $12.95 Stir fried with green bean and chili paste shrimp.
Prik Kra Prao   Of chicken beef or pork stir fried with green, red pepper and shrimp.
Prik Khing  
Gang Gai $9.95 Chicken w/ red or green curry. Wild thai eggplant, bamboo shoot, basil, coconut milk.
Pad Ped Pha $9.95 – $12.95 Choice of chicken, beef or pork stir fried red curry paste with bell pepper. Wild thai eggplant with bamboo shoot, & basil.
Beef Mussamun $9.95 Choice of slice chicken, beef or pork, mussamun curry, potato, peanut & coconut milk.
Pad Ma Kuer $9.95 Choice of chicken, beef or pork stir fried with sliced eggplant, black bean sauce, basil, & sliced fresh chili pepper.
Roasted Duck Curry $12.95 Sliced roasted duck with honey, pineapples, fresh tomato, red curry basil, coconut milk.
Yellow Curry $9.95 Choice of chicken, beef or pork with coconut milk with yellow curry & boil potato.
Pra Ram Long-Song $9.95 Slice steam chicken breast on top of steam broccoli with spicy peanut sauce.
Salmon Pa Nang $12.95 Poached salmon fillet, w/ shrimp mushroom and red curry coconut milk sauce.

Po Siam Thai Restaurant Menu : Vegetables

Mixed Vegetables $8.95 Stir fried mixed vegetables, broccoli, baby corn snow pea, mushroom, onion bean sprout, bell pepper, garlic, oyster sauce, chili & spring onion.
Kha Na In Oyster Sauce $8.95 Stir fried chinese broccoli or american broccoli in oyster sauce.
Pad Tofu $8.95 Stir fried fresh tofu with bacon sprouts, and spice onion.

Po Siam Thai Restaurant Menu : Rice

Boil Chicken On Rice $8.95 Sliced boil chicken serve over rice with ginger. Black bean and chili sauce.
Fried Rice $9.95 Fried rice with your choice of chicken, beef or pork choice of shrimp or combination.
Fried Rice – Crab Fried Rice $10.95

Po Siam Thai Restaurant Menu : Dessert

Sweet Mango And Sticky Rice $3.95
Thai Custard $2.95

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