Point Loma Seafoods Menu and Prices

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Point Loma Seafoods Menu : Salads

Made with mixed greens. Any salad half order $2.00
Shrimp $12.96 Canadian bay
Crab $15.74 Fresh dungeness
Tuna $12.96 Homestyle
Smoked Fish $12.96 House smoked
Combo $14.81 Dungeness crab & bay shrimp
House $5.09

Point Loma Seafoods Menu : Salads_A

Your choice of dressing: bleu cheese – classic louie. Balsamic vinaigrette – creamy ranch
Caesar Salad $6.48 Traditional caesar dressing
Caesar Salad $15.74 With seared ahi in a light marinade
Caesar Salad with Shrimp $12.96 Candian bay
Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken $12.96

Point Loma Seafoods Menu : Small Appetizers

Choice of coleslaw or fries
Fish 2 Pieces $7.42
Shrimp 4 Pieces $7.42
Squid 4 Pieces $7.42
Crabcakes 2 Cakes $7.42
Chicken Tenders 2 Pieces $6.03

Point Loma Seafoods Menu : Seafood Cocktails

Bay Shrimp $5.32 Canadian cold water
Jumbo Shrimp $8.80 Wild from sea of cortez
Crabmeat $9.75 Fresh dungeness
Combo $8.80 Dungeness crab & bay shrimp
Smoked Fish $5.79 House smoked
Oyster $8.33 Eastern bluepoint
Ceviche $5.32
Oysters 6 $11.11 On the half shell bluepoint
Clams 6 $11.11 On the half shell eastern littleneck
Pickled Squid $5.09 Homestyle
Herring in Cream or Vinegar Sauce $5.32

Point Loma Seafoods Menu : Sandwiches

On fresh baked sourdough with our famous
Fish $8.80 Alaskan cod in mrs kelly breading
Squid Calamari $8.80 Lightly breaded strips
Shrimp $8.80 Breaded, large sea of cortez
Shrimp Canadian Bay Served Cold $8.80
Crab Fresh Crab Meat  
Tuna Salad $8.80
Clam $8.80 Eastern breaded strips
Combo   Fresh crab and bay shrimp
Crabcake (4) $10.19 Zesty blend
Scallop Eastern Dry Pack $13.89
Smoked Fish $8.80 House smoked
Oyster $12.50 Fresh eastern bluepoint

Point Loma Seafoods Menu : Plates

Lightly fried in mrs kelly special breading with french fries & coleslaw and our famous tartar sauce
Fish Alaskan Cod $12.04
Squid $12.04 Tender cut strips
Shrimp $12.04 Large, sea of cortez
Scallop $15.74 Eastern dry pack
Crabcakes 4 $12.04 Special mix
Clam $10.19 Tender strips
Combo $13.89 2 Pcs Cod, 2 shrimp & 1 crabcake
Oyster $14.81 Eastern bluepoint
Tacos $12.04 2 Fish, shrimp, squid or chicken with beans & salsa
Side Taco (1) $5.32
Taquitos (3) $11.13 With bean & salsa

Point Loma Seafoods Menu : Fresh Sushi

Combo Roll $13.89 Calif roll, nigiri sushi, tuna, shrimp & hamachi
Gourmet Lobster or Shrimp Roll $10.19 Masago, avocado & cucumber
Breaded Shrimp Roll $6.94 Shrimp, avocado, cucumber, sprouts & burdock
Unagi Roll $7.87 Broiled eel & avocado
Tuna Roll $6.48 Spicy or regular fresh tuna with cucumber
California Roll $6.94 Real crabmeat with avocado
Philadelphia Roll $6.48 Smoked salmon & cream cheese
Rainbow Roll $13.89 Wrapped with salmon hamachi, shrimp & tuna
Caterpillar Roll $12.96 Eel wrapped with avocado
Softshell Crab Roll $10.19
Pizza Roll $13.89
Hand Roll  

Point Loma Seafoods Menu : Sashimi

Maguro Ahi Tuna $7.41
Hamachi Yellowtail $10.19

Point Loma Seafoods Menu : Drinks

Soft Drinks 20 oz Cup $2.31
Soft Drinks 32 oz Cup $3.47
Ice Tea 20 oz Cup $2.31
Ice Tea 32 oz Cup $3.47
Lemonade 20 oz Cup $2.31
Lemonade 32 oz Cup $3.47
Coffee or Hot Tea $1.85

Point Loma Seafoods Menu : Side Orders

French Fries Regular $2.31
French Fries Small $1.85
Onion Rings $3.47
Coleslaw Quart $4.63
Coleslaw Regular $1.85
Steamed Rice $1.85
Refried Beans $1.85
Seasonal Veggie  

Point Loma Seafoods Menu : Soup

White Clam Chowder $3.24 – $9.26
Seafood Soup $3.24 – $9.26
Sourdough Chowder Bowl $6.48

* Disclaimer: Information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current price and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.

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