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Polo Norte Menu : Aperitivos

Croquetas De Jamon $0.65 ham croquette
Papitas Fritas Con Queso $3.25 french fries with cheese
Tostones Rellenos De Camarones $6.95 plantains stuffed with shrimp
Tostones Rellenos De Picadillo $5.75 plantains stuffed with ground beef
Mariquitas $2.75 plantains chips
Daditos De Pollo $5.25 chicken fingers
Alitas De Pollo $5.50 chicken wings
Camaroncito Empanizado $4.50 shrimp popcorn
Chicharron De Puerco $3.25 pork chicharron

Polo Norte Menu : Sopas

Sopa De Pollo $2.50 chicken soup
Sopa De Res $2.50 beef soup
Crema De Queso $3.95 cheese soup
Crema Aurora $4.25 cheese soup with marinara sauce
Crema Virginia $4.50 cheese soup with marinada sauce and ham

Polo Norte Menu : Ensaladas

Dinner Salad $2.50 small size lettuce and tomatoes
Tossed Salad $3.95 large size tossed, lettuce and tomatoes
Ensalades Caesar $4.50 caesar salad
Ensalads Caesar Con Pollo $6.50 chicken caesar salad
Ensaladas De Tuna $6.25 tuna salad
Antipasto Salad $6.50
Chef Salad $6.95

Polo Norte Menu : Submarinos

Tuna $4.95 tuna subs
Jamon Y Queso $5.25 ham & cheese
Albondigas $5.25 meat balls
Pollo $6.50 chicken steak
Bistec $6.50 beef steak
Italiano $6.75 italian

Polo Norte Menu : Pizzas

Personal / Family
Napolitano $5.25 – $13.25 cheese
Jamon $5.95 – $14.25 ham
Peperoni $5.95 – $14.25
Chorizo $5.95 – $14.25 spanish sausage
Picadillo $5.95 – $14.25 ground beef
Bacon $6.25 – $15.50
Cebolla $5.95 – $14.25 onions
Aji $5.95 – $14.25 greens pepper
Hongos $5.95 – $14.25 mushrooms
Banana $5.95 – $14.25
Platano Maduro $5.95 – $14.25 sweet plantains
Vegetales $6.25 – $15.25 vegetables
Hawaiana $6.75 – $16.75 hawaiian
Mixta $7.50 – $18.95 mixed
Camaron $8.25 – $20.75 shrimp
Camaron Supreme $26.25 – $10.25 shrimp supreme
Pollo $18.75 – $7.25 chicken
Tuna $18.75 – $7.25 atun

Polo Norte Menu : X-Tras

Personal / Family
Queso $1.50 – $3.50 cheese
Ingrediente Adicinol $1.25 – $2.50 x topping
Camaron $6.00 shrimp
Camaron Supreme $8.00 shrimp supreme

Polo Norte Menu : Spaghetti

Served With Garlic Bread
Napolitano $5.25 cheese
Jamon $5.95 ham
Picadillo $5.95 ground beef
Chorizo $5.95 spanish sausage
Camarones $8.25 shrimps
Albondigas $6.25 meat balls
Pollo Parmigiana $7.25 chicken parmigiana

Polo Norte Menu : Lasagna $6.95

Served With Garlic Bread
Lasagna De Picadillo   with ground beef
Lasagna De Chorizo   with spanish sausage
Lasagna De Jamon   with ham

Polo Norte Menu : Pan De Ajo

Garlic Rolls
Pan De Ajo $1.25 – $2.50 garlic bread

Polo Norte Menu : Restaurante

All Foods Are Served With 2 Sades.
Bistec De Pollo A La Plancha $7.50 chicken breast on the grill
Pollo Empanizado $8.25 breaded chicken breast
Pollo Milanesa $9.25 bread chicken with sauce, ham & cheese
Daditos De Pollo $7.50 chicken fingers
Pechuga Rellena $9.75 stuffed chicken with ham, cheese & bacon
Pechuga Rellena De Camarones $10.25 stuffed chicken with shrimp
Filetillo De Pollo $7.50 chicken stir fry
Churrasco $10.95 skirt steak
Bistec Uruguayo $10.95 breaded steak with ham, cheese & bacon
Bistec De Palomilla $7.75 palomilla steak
Bistec Empanizado $8.75 breaded steak
Bistec Res Milanesa $9.95 breaded steak, sauce, ham & cheese
Rinonada $10.50 sirloin steak
Bistec De Puerco A La Plancha $8.25 grilled pork steak
Bistec De Puerco Empanizado $9.25 breaded pork steak
Bistec De Puerco A La Milanesa $10.25 breaded pork steak with sauce, ham & cheese
Masitas De Puerco $8.25 pork chunks
Chuleta De Puerco $8.25 pork chops
Chuleta De Puerco Empanizado $9.25 breaded pork chops
Chuleta De Puerco Ahumada $8.75 smoked pork chops
Bistec De Jamon Con Pina $7.95 ham stake with pineapple
Camarones Enchilados $10.95 shrimp creole sauce
Camarones Empanizados $10.95 breaded shrimp
Camarones Al Ajillo $10.95 shrimp with garlic & oil
Filete De Cherna $9.95
Filete De Tilapia $8.95

Polo Norte Menu : Sandwiches

Cubano Regular $4.25 ham, cheese, pork, pickles on cuban bread
Cubano Especial $5.25 a larger version of the regular
Media Noche Regular $4.25 ham, cheese, pork, pickles on a sweet bread
Media Noche Especial $5.25 a larger version of the regular
Pan Con Bistec Regular $4.50 steak sandwich with onions, lettuce, tomatoes & julianne fries
Pan Con Bistec Especial $5.50 steak sandwich with ham & cheese
Sandwich De Pollo Regular $4.50 chicken sandwich with onions, lettuce, tomatoes & juilanne fries
Sandwich De Pollo Especial $5.50 chicken sandwich with ham & cheese
Pan Con Pierna $4.25 pork on cuban bread
Croqueta Preparada $4.25 croquettes, ham, cheese, pickles on cuban bread
Pan Con Chorizo $3.50 spanish sausage on cuban bread
Pan Con Tortilla $3.95 omelette on cuban bread
Tuna En Pan De Molde $2.95
Tuna En Pan Cubano $3.75 tuna sandwich on cuban bread with lettuce & tomatoes
Pan Con Queso $2.75 while bread with cheese
Club Sandwich $5.95 ham, cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, on white bread
Hamburger $2.25 hamburger with, lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup & julianne fries
Cheeseburger $2.50
Hot Dog $1.95
Frita Cubana $2.25 cuban patty whith onions, ketchup & julianne fries
Frita Cubana Con Queso $2.50 cuban patty with onions, ketchup, julianne fries & cheese
Frita Especial Polo Norte $3.25 two beef

Polo Norte Menu : Helados

Ice Cream
Suero $3.50 ice cream shake
Jimagua $3.50 two scoops of ice cream served on a plate
Sundae $3.50 two scoops of ice cream served on a glass
Sundae Primavera $3.50 one ice cream scoops served with fruit
Tres Gracias $4.25 three ice cream scoops
Pico Turquino $4.50 two scoops of ice cream on a rum cake
Copa Lolita $4.50 two scoops of ice cream with custard
Banana Split $4.50 three ice cream scoops served with banana
Conoa India $4.50 three ice cream scoops topped with fruit
Ensalada $5.75 five scoops of ice cream
Cake A La Moda $4.95 cake with two scoops of ice cream
Envases $0.35 containers

Polo Norte Menu : Acompanantes

Side Orders
Arroz Blanco $1.75 white rice
Moros $1.95 black beans with rice
Frijoles Negros $2.50 black beans
Pure De Papas $2.95 mashed potatoes
Papitas Fritas $2.25 french fries
Platanos Maduro $1.95 sweet plantains
Tostones $2.50 fried green plantains
Ensalad $2.50 salad

Polo Norte Menu : Sodas

Soda De Lata $1.00 can sodas
Guarapo $2.50
Malta $1.50
Botella De Agua $1.25 bottle water
Jugo De Naranja $2.75 orange juice
Agua Perrier $2.00 water perrier
Batidos $2.75 shakes
Sodas 2 Litros $1.95 2 liter sodas: coke, diet coke, pepsi, sprite, diet sprite
Cafe $0.65
Colada $1.25
Cortadito $0.85
Cafe Con Leche $1.00

Polo Norte Menu : Postres

Flan De Leche $2.25 cream of milk
Tres Leches $2.50 three milk
Buenuelos $2.75

Polo Norte Menu : Lunes

Fricase De Pollo O Puerco $6.25
Tortilla $5.95
Bistec De Jamon $6.50
Sopa De Pollo $2.50

Polo Norte Menu : Martes

Lacon Con Papas O Garbanzo Frito $6.50
Chicken Fingers $6.25
Bistec De Higado $6.25
Ajiaco $2.50

Polo Norte Menu : Miercoles

Pollo Asado $6.25
Picadillo O Aji Relleno $5.95
Tortilla $5.95
Chicharo $2.50

Polo Norte Menu : Jueves

Tamal En Cazuela $5.95
Vaca Frita O Ropa Vieja $6.50
Filetillo De Pollo $6.25
Sopa De Res $2.50

Polo Norte Menu : Viernes

Masas De Puerco $6.50
Macarrones $5.95
Tortilla $5.95
Frijoles Colorados $2.50

Polo Norte Menu : Sabado

Boliche Asado O Bistec En Cazuela $7.25
Pollo Frito $6.25
Chuleta De Puerco $6.75

Polo Norte Menu : Domingo

Lechon Asado O Rabo Encendido $7.25
Bistec Empanizado $7.25
Bistec Salteado $6.50

Polo Norte Menu : Cerveza

Cerveza Domestica $2.95 domestic beer
Cerveza Importada $3.50 imported beer

Polo Norte Menu : Vino De La Casa

Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Y White Zinfandel $3.95

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