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Prime KO Menu : Soup

Vegetable Miso Soup $10.00 brunoise of vegetables, diced tofu & garnished with scallions
Tsukune Chicken Ball $12.00 egg drop, vegetables, clear soy broth

Prime KO Menu : Salad

Prime Organic Field Greens $14.00 mesclun greens, carrots, cucumber, radishes, prime ko vinaigrette
Cucumber Kimchi Spicy Salad $15.00 pine nuts on top
Organic Broccoli And Tomato Salad $15.00 lemon vinaigrette / garlic chips

Prime KO Menu : Cold

Sashimi Tacos $22.00 tuna, yellowtail, salmon, spicy tuna
Tuna, Tartar $22.00 tortilla chips, black truffle
Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice $20.00 sweet jalapeno aioli sauce
Kobe Beef Crispy Rice $22.00 sweet jalapeno aioli sauce
Guacamole Crispy Rice $16.00 sweet jalapeno aioli sauce

Prime KO Menu : Hot

Japanese Cigars $21.00 shredded beef short rib cabbage, bean sprouts, onions citrus chili sauce
Ko Pizza $25.00 spicy american kobe beef, vegan mozzarella cheese
Eggplant Dengaku $13.00 yuzu-sesame miso glaze
Wonton Crispy Chicken $20.00 guacamole, yuzu soy pico de gallo
Lamb Slider $21.00 plum tomato, romaine, teriyaki, curry aioli sauce
Chicken Katsu Slider $18.00 plum tomato, romaine, wasabi teriyaki sauce
BBQ Signature Prime Baby Rib $32.00 tortilla
Wagyu Ribs Kalbi $31.00 kimchi, korean bbq sauce
Miso Chilean Sea Bass Skewers $25.00 napa cabbage
Kobe Beef Sliders $21.00 plum tomato, romaine, spicy teriyaki sauce
Buffalo Chicken Kara Age $21.00 sweet & spicy aioli & guacamole sauce
Kobe Meatballs $21.00 red & green peppers, onions, potato, miso sesame sauce
Colorado Baby Lamb Chop $20.00 per chop

Prime KO Menu : Hot Mains

Grilled Salmon With Garlic Ginger Teriyaki Sauce $36.00 asian mushrooms, vegetable rice, yuzu juice
Sashimi Grade Tuna Delmonico With B&g $38.00 soba noodles, wasabi lemon sauce
Roasted Chicken With Miso Sesame Glaze $36.00 spinach noodles, bell peppers, teriyaki

Prime KO Menu : Steaks

Iowa Grain Fed Chateau-Briand $43.00
Japanese Pepper Crusted Filet $43.00
Lightly Aged Prime Ko Reserve $46.00
Illinois Corn Fed Prime Rib Eye $50.00 14 day dry aged
Illinois Corn Fed Prime Rib Eye $59.00 60 day dry aged
Butcher Cut Miso Cured Prime Ko Steak $48.00
Bone In Veal Chop $51.00

Prime KO Menu : By Your Sides

Ko Fries $11.00 wasabi aioli
Japanese Sweet Potato Tempura $11.00
Garlic Sautéed Broccoli $11.00
Sautéed Kobe Beef Brown Rice $14.00 gobo root, carrot
Steamed Organic Asian Vegetables $14.00 ponzu sauce

Prime KO Menu : Traditional Sushi & Sashimi

Maguro $7.00 lean tuna. yellow fin
Blue Fin Toro   fatty tuna
Toro Hamachi $8.00 yellowtail
Hamachi $7.00 yellowtail
Toro Sake $7.00 salmon
Sake $7.00 salmon
Tai $7.00 red snapper
Ikura $7.00 salmon roe

Prime KO Menu : Prime Ko Special Rolls

Rainbow Roll $20.00 kani, avocado, tuna, salmon, yellowtail, whitefish
Katsu Salmon Roll $21.00 kani, avocado, sun dried tomato, panko salmon, teriyaki truffle oil
Dragon Roll $20.00 salmon, tuna, cucumber, avocado
Fire Dragon Roll $20.00 spicy tuna jalapeno, avocado, spicy mayonnaise
Salmon Spider Roll $20.00 salmon tempura, carrot, cucumber, avocado
Soy Paper Roll $20.00 mango, cooked spicy tuna, string bean, avocado on top wasabi cocktail sauce

Prime KO Menu : House Rolls

Hamachi Scallion $14.00
Maguro Avocado & Mango $14.00
Spicy Tuna $14.00
Salmon Avocado $14.00
California Roll $14.00
Vegetable Roll $13.00
Edamame $11.00 sea salt
Shishito Peppers $11.00 sea salt

Prime KO Menu : Dezato $12

Chocolate Fondue $24.00 fresh fruits, gluten free
Mochi Ice Creams & Sorbet   green tea, vanilla, strawberry
Tempura Ice Cream   raspberry & chocolate sauce crushed almond
Warm Crepes & Nutella   caramelized bananas chocolate sauce
Black & White   dark chocolate cake white chocolate mousse
Tiramisu   ladyfingers, cocoa vanilla cream
Tiramisu   ladyfingers, cocoa vanilla cream
Strawberry Tart   vanilla sugar crust, crème diplomat fresh strawberries
Seasonal Fruit Plate  
Assorted Ice Creams   vanilla bean ginger & green tea
Assorted Sorbet   lychee, mango strawberry

Prime KO Menu : Ocha $5

Organic Breakfast   caffeinated. a robust blend of premium organic black tea leaves from india punctuated with a hearty finish. aromadc and brisk, it’s great black, with milk and sugar or a just a touch of honey.
White Orchard   lightly caffeinated. mouth watering flavors of melon and peach harmoniously blended with delicate notes of pure china bai mu dan white tea.
Organic Spring Jasmine   lightly caffeinated. layers of jasmine and naturally scented chinese green tea leaves produce gently piquant yet rounded perfume-like.
Earl Grey   caffeine free. a classic blend, less the buzz – gold dps of rich black tea blended with deep first press bergamot oil.
Chamomile Citrus   caffeine free. a unique mélange of egypdan chamomile, citrus slices, orange blossoms, lemongrass, rose hips, hibiscus and mint. a delicate, fruity & soothing experience.
Green Tea “Gyokuro”   caffeinated. many consider this the finest green tea on the planet. gyokuro is produced in the famed tea gardens of uji, kyoto. it has a light green color and mellow sweet taste.
Green Tea “Sencha”   caffeinated. this fine more delicate tea shines with impeccable quality. with its pale green liquor and fresh, flowery taste it is the tea most favored in japanese homes.
Organic Mint Mélange   caffeine free. a mélange of mint leaves mingle together in this soothing infusion. this fragrant blend lingers on the palate and your mind like fine wine.

Prime KO Menu : Kohi

Coffee $4.00
Decaf $4.00
Espresso $5.00
Decaf Espresso $5.00
Double Espresso $7.00
Cappuccino $6.00

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