Providence Prime Menu and Prices

Research and order delicious food from the up-to-date Providence Prime menu. Find latest deals, prices, kid’s meals and more. Pick-up and delivery options available. Browse the whole menu or use our quick jump guide to go directly to the type section of the menu that you are looking for.

Providence Prime Menu : Shared Bites

Buffalo Chicken & Queso Dip $11.00 Pulled all white chicken, creamy ranch, buffalo sauce cream cheese, vermont cheddar, salsa fresca
Roasted Shishito Peppers $9.00 Roasted corn, pimentos, queso cheese, cilantro crema
Federal Taphouse Nachos $11.00 – $14.00 Lime & cilantro crema, sriracha, roasted corn, queso and cheddar jack cheeses, guacamole
Crispy Fried Mozzarella $8.00 Hand breaded mozzarella, pomodoro sauce, basil aioli
Pork Potstickers $9.00 Pan seared, lime soy glaze, toasted sesame seeds, scallion
Twisted Ri Calamari $13.00 Sweet chili pepper sauce, pickled cucumber and celery salad, cilantro aiolo
Tortilla Chips and Guacamole $7.00 Warm corn tortilla chips served with fresh guacamole
Southern Style Fried Pickles $7.00 Chipotle aioli dipping sauce, texas dust
Szechwan Lettuce Wraps $9.00 Mixed vegetables, stir fried rice, crispy wonton threads
Montreal Poutine Fries $10.00 House cut french fries, cheddar cheese curds, pulled pork and gravy
FTK Chicken Wings $12.00 – $21.00 Buffalo | asian sesame | sweet chili | honey mustard | carolina BBQ | jamaican jerk | garlic parmesan
Sticky Thai Ribs $12.00 Sesame thai glaze, scallion, pickled ginger, shaved carrot
Herb & Garlic Hummus Plate $9.00 Carrots, celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli, grilled flatbread
Pub Skins $8.00 Potato skins, filled with vermont cheddar cheese, applewood bacon and scallion

Providence Prime Menu : Fork & Ladel

Steak & Bleu Salad $15.00 Pub sirloin, bleu cheese, sundried cranberries, tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms, arugula, balsamic vinaigrette
Big Island Tuna Crunch $18.00 Sushi-grade sesame seared tuna, field greens, pineapple salsa, toasted almonds, sesame dressing
Farmers Garden Salad $6.00 Field greens, cucumber, tomato, onion, carrots, balsamic vinaigrette
Kale Caesar Salad $8.00 Crisp kale & romaine, creamy caesar dressing, garlic croutons, shaved asiago
Roasted Tomato Soup $5.00 – $7.00 Slow roasted for a full flavor, with a hint of garlic and basil
Beef Brisket Chili $5.00 – $7.00 Cheddar jack cheese, sweet onions

Providence Prime Menu : FTK Burgers

Build it up: maple pepper bacon, BBQ pulled pork, fried egg, beef chili, short rib ($2 per item); Cheddar jack, swiss cheese, provolone cheese, bleu cheese, american cheese, smoked guoda ($1 per item); Sweet onion raw, roasted red peppers, avocado, mushrooms, pickled slaw, guacamole, arugula, pineapple salsa, red onion, balsamic onion, salsa fresca, corn salsa ($1 per item); Lobster meat $9
New England Grass Fed Burger $14.00 Maple pepper bacon, mushrooms, arugula greens, basil pesto, swiss cheese
Sesame Turkey Burger $13.00 Avocado, salsa fresca, sriracha aioli, arugula greens
Veggie Burger $12.00 Sweet potato, bell pepper , hummus, arugula, tomato, roasted garlic aioli
Byo Certified Angus Burger $12.00 10oz certified angus ground beef. We start it with lettuce & tomato. It’s up to you to do the rest!

Providence Prime Menu : Street Tacos

Saigon Pork Tacos $14.00 Pineapple salsa, shave red onion, hoisin BBQ, pickled slaw
Carne Asada Tacos $13.00 Marinated steak, salsa fresca, queso cheese, chipotle aioli, guacamole
Baja Crispy Fish Tacos $14.00 Salsa fresca, cabbage slaw, avocado, cilantro crema

Providence Prime Menu : Hand Helds

Chicken Caesar Wrap $12.00 Grilled chicken, crisp romaine, caesar dressing, parmesan cheese
Philidelphia Steak Bomb $16.00 Shaved steak, onions, mushrooms, peppers, chipotle aioli, provolone cheese
Nola Shrimp Po’ Boy $15.00 Shredded lettuce, sliced tomato, chipotle aioli

Providence Prime Menu : Grilled Cheese

Braised Short Rib $14.00 Slow braised short rib, mushrooms, onions, smoked gouda cheese, pan gravy
Federal Grilled Cheese $12.00 Balsamic onion jam, sliced tomato, provolone and swiss cheese
Southern Pig $13.00 BBQ pulled pork, cheddar jack cheese, cole slaw carolina BBQ dipping sauce
Classic Grilled Cheese $10.00 Brioche bread, cheddar jack, provolone and american cheese

Providence Prime Menu : Large Plates

FTK Steak Frites $21.00 NY pub sirloin, parmesan truffled frites, red wine demi
Blackened Chicken & Broccoli $16.00 Broccoli floretes, roasted red peppers, herb parmesan cream sauce, penne pasta
Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna $23.00 Seared rare, stir fried vegetables and rice, sesame ginger glaze, scallion, crispy wanton threads
Seared Faroe Island Salmon $21.00 Roasted corn, shishito pepper and potato hash, tomato cilantro broth, lime & almond gremolata
Sirloin & Shrimp Sizzler $26.00 Cilantro and lime rice, garden vegetable, chimichurri sauce
Ale Braised Short Rib $24.00 Creamy bleu cheese polenta, garden vegetable, crispy onion strings, pan gravy
Beef Stroganoff $19.00 Braised beef, mushrooms, shallots, egg noodles, red wine sauce with touch of sour cream
Atlanic Cod Fried or Baked $18.00 Guiness blonde beer battered north atlantic cod, tartar sauce, cole slaw, lemon, house french fries
Chicken Milanese $16.00 Panko crusted chicken breast, cherry tomato and arugula salad, parmigiano-reggiano, grilled lemon
Classic Fajitas $17.00 – $21.00 Marinated chicken or beef, with peppers & onions, cilantro lime rice, all the fixin’s & flour tortillas
Macaroni & Cheese $14.00 – $19.00 Cavatelli pasta, four cheese sauce, ritz cracker crumb

Providence Prime Menu : Desserts

Rocky Road Brownie Sundae   Vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, caramel. Contains nuts
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie   Served warm with vanilla ice cream
Key Lime Pie   Fresh whipped cream

Providence Prime Menu : Dessert

Ice Cream Sundae $6.00 Three scoops of vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, chopped walnuts, chocolate chips, fresh whipped cream and …a cherry on top!
Peach Crisp $7.00 Peaches and Blueberries baked with a macadamia nut crumb topping, finished with a scoop of vanilla ice cream
Chocolate Mousse Cake $9.00 Layers of moist chocolate cake and rich chocolate mousse
Campfire S’mores $7.00 Hershey’s chocolate bars, graham crackers, and marshmallows, served with your very own campfire

Providence Prime Menu : Raw Bar

Oysters $1.00
Little Necks $1.00
Cherrystones $1.00
Shrimp Cocktail $1.50

Providence Prime Menu : Bites

FTK Burger Sliders (2ea)   Mushrooms, onions, Swiss cheese, chipotle aioli
Ahi Tuna Nachos   Sesame seared tuna, edamame seaweed salad, Scallion, ginger, soy glaze
Asian Sesame Wings (6ea)  
Carne Asada Tacos (2ea)   Braised tender steak, pico de gallo, chipotle aioli, sliced avocado
Parmesan Truffled Fries   Parmesan cheese, truffle essence, garlic aioli
Hummus and Vegetable Plate   Carrots, celery, broccoli, cucumber, flatbread
Buffalo Chicken Flatbread   Tomato, scallion, bacon, Ranch
Fried Mozzarella   Basil tomato sauce
Southern Fried Pickles   Chipotle Dipping Sauce
Pub Skins (3ea)   Cheddar jack cheese, bacon, scallion, Sour cream
Tortilla Chips & Guacamole  

Providence Prime Menu : Tini Tastings

Espresso   Mark One Vanilla Vodka, Baileys, Kahlua, Espresso
Anne Bonnie   Mark One Vanilla Vodka, Malibu Coconut Rum, Pineapple, Cranberry, Lime
Hot & Dirty   New Amsterdam Vodka, Olive Juice, Pepper Juice, Ice Cold
Federal Manhattan   Jim Beam Bourbon, Bitters, Sweet Vermouth, Stirred
Traditional Gin or Vodka   Your favorite libation shaken strained ice cold with your choice of garnish. (New Amsterdam Vodka or Gin)

Providence Prime Menu : Single Malt & Scotch

Glenfiddich 12yr  
Glenfiddich 18yr  
Glenlivet 12yr  
Glenlive 18yr  
Macallan 12yr  
Macallan 18yr  
Oban 14yr  
Lagavulin 16yr  
Tallisker 12yr  
Johnny Walker Red label  
Johnny Walker Black Label  
Johnny Walker Blue Label  

Providence Prime Menu : Bourbon

Basil Hayden  
Booker’s Beam  
Maker’s Mark  
Woodford Reserve  
Highland Park 12yr  
Makers Mark 46  
Makers Cask Strength  
Basil hayden  
Knob Creek  
Knob Creek Single  
Wild Turkey 81  
Berentzen Apple  
Woodford Reserve  
Jim Beam  
JB Black DBL Age  
JB Devils Cut  
JB Jacobs Ghost  
JB Black Cherry  

Providence Prime Menu : Cognac

Hine Antique  
Courvoisier VSOP  
Hennessy VS  
Hennessy VSOP  
Remy Martin VSOP  
Remy Martin XO  
Hennessy VS  
Hennessy VSOP  
Courvoisier VSOP  
Remy Martin XO  
Remy Martin VSOP  
Hine Antique  

Providence Prime Menu : Grappa

Banfi, Grappa di Brunello  
IL Poggione, Grappa di Brunello  

Providence Prime Menu : Tequila

Jose Cuervo Gold  
Trés Agaves Reposado  
Patrón Reposado  
Patrón Silver  
1800 Blanco  
Milagro Anejo  
Don Julio Blanco  
Patron XO  
Patron Gold  
Patrón Silver  
1800 Blanco  
Trés Agaves Reposado  
Milagro Anejo  
Milagro Special Batch  
Don Julio Blanco  
Jose Cuervo Gold  

Providence Prime Menu : Craft Cocktails & Martinis

Caip “Beer” Inha   Cachaca Rum, fresh lime juice, brown sugar, agave nectar, Craft IPA
Taphouse Press   Battlecry whiskey, St. Elder, fresh strawberry, chamomile syrup, fresh lemon juice
The Paloma   Camarena tequila, grapefruit soda, muddled mint, simple syrup
Block Island Sunset   Malibu Coconut Rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, grenadine, maraschino cherry
Mexican Hipster   Prarie Cucumber vodka, Peachtree, Sriracha, sour mix, club soda
Black Sails Lemonade   Stoli Blueberry Vodka, fresh lemonade, muddled blackberries, crème de violet
Georgia High Iced Tea   New Amsterdam Peach Vodka, Makers Mark, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, iced tea
Taphouse Mule   Amsterdam Citrus vodka, ginger beer, lime juice, blood orange puree, chamomile
Strawberry Basil Mojito   Shellback rum, muddled strawberries and basil, simple syrup
Cucumber Cooler   Grey Goose Pear, St Elder, muddled cucumber, fresh lemon juice, soda water, mint
The Queen Bee Margarita   Patron Silver Tequila, Cointreau, house made sour mix, touch of honey, muddled orange and lime
Nice Pear Martini   Grey Goose Pear, Black Fig Vodka, 4 spice simple syrup, white peach puree, fresh lemon juice
Federal espresso Martini   Stoli Vanilla vodka, Bailey’s Kahlua, chilled espresso
Hot n’ Dirty Martini   Toto’s Vodka, pepperoncini and olive juice, blue cheese stuffed olives
Anne Bonnie Martini   Mark One Vanilla Vodka, Malibu Rum, pineapple and cranberry juice, splash of Sprite
White Spider Martini   Hendricks Gin, fresh lemon and lime juice, Cointreau

Providence Prime Menu : Federal Flights

Bourbon & Whiskey Flight   Choose any 4 from our list mrkt. $
Beer Flight $10.00 Choose any 4 beers off of our Draft Craft Beer List

Providence Prime Menu : Federal Shooter

“Baby Guinness”   Patron XO Café layered with Bailey’s Irish Cream

Providence Prime Menu : Beer Buckets

Brew Bucket $19.00 Pick Six, Domestic or Import beers from our list
Craft Brew Bucket $24.00 Pick Six, Select ” * ” from our Craft Beer List

Providence Prime Menu : Ales

Bad Martha, Vineyard Summer, MA, 12oz 4.5% $5.50
Stoney Creek, Sun Juice, CT, 12oz, 5.3% $5.00
Bad Martha Honey Ale, 12oz, MA 6.5% $6.00
Smuttynose Old Brown Dog, 12oz, NH 6.7% $6.00
Flying Dog Pale Ale, 12, MA 5.5% $6.50
Foolproof Farmhouse Ale, RI 7.8% $8.00
Cisco Whales Tale Pale Ale, 12oz MA 5.6% $6.50
Brooklyn Brown Ale, NY, 12oz, 5.6% $6.00
Founders Dirty Bastard, Scotch Ale, MI 8.5% $7.00
Rogue Dead Guy Ale, 12oz, OR 6.5% $8.00
Foolproof Barstool Golden Ale, 12oz, RI 4.5% $6.00
Victory Golden Monkey, 12oz, PA 9.5% $7.00
Sixpoint The Crisp Pilsner, 12oz, NY 5.4% $8.00
Rogue Hazelnut Brown, 12oz, OR 6.2% $8.00
Cape Ann Fisherman’s Pilsner , 12oz, MA 5% $5.50
Greysail Flying Jenny Pale Ale, 12oz, RI 5.3% $5.00
Weyerbacher Merry Monks Ale, 12oz, PA 9.3% $8.00

Providence Prime Menu : Wheat Beer

Revival, Night Swim’ah, RI, 12oz, 4.7% $5.50
Wachussett, Bleuberry, MA, 12oz, 4.5% $5.00
Revival Zeppelin Hefeweizen, 12oz, RI 5.5% $8.00
Allagash White, 12oz, ME 5% $8.00
Cisco Grey Lady, 12oz, MA 4.5% $7.00
Harpoon UFO White, 12oz, MA 4.8% $6.00
Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier, 12oz, Germ. 5% $6.00

Providence Prime Menu : Fruit / Lambic

Abita Purple Haze, 12oz, LA 4.2% $6.00
Wells Banana Bread, 12oz, UK 5.2% $8.50
Dogfish Noble Rot, 17.4oz. DE 9% $16.00

Providence Prime Menu : Craft Specialty & Lager

Brooklyn Lager, 12oz, NY 5.2% $6.00
Rochefort 8 Trappiste, 12oz, Belgium, 9.2% $15.00
Peroni, 12oz, Italy, 4.7% $6.00
Baxter Tarnation, 12oz, Maine, 5.3% $6.00

Providence Prime Menu : Porter / Stout / Bock

North Coast Old Rasputin, 12oz, CA 9% $8.50
Mayflower Porter, MA, 12oz, 5.5% $6.00
Slumbrew Porter Square Porter, 12oz, MA 6.5% $8.00
Left Hand Milk Stout, 12oz, CO 6% $6.50
Samuel Smith Chocolate Stout, 12oz, UK 5% $10.00
Long Trail Double Bag, 12oz, VT 7.2% $5.50
Rogue Sriracha Stout, OR, 750mL, 5.7% $18.00
Guinness Pub Draught, 16oz, Ireland, 4.2% $7.00

Providence Prime Menu : Cider

Woodchuck Fall Harvest, 12oz, VT 5% $5.00
Downeast Cider, Summer, MA, 4.5% $6.00
Downeast Cranberry, 12oz, MA 5% $7.00
Strongbow, Golds Apple, 14.9oz UK 5% $6.00

Providence Prime Menu : IPA’S

Ballast Point, Grapefruit Sculpin, CA, 12oz, 7% $6.00
Founders, Mosaic Promise, MI, 12oz, 5.5% $5.50
Longtrail Limbo IPA, VT, 12oz, 7.6% $7.00
Green Flash, Soul Style, CA, 12oz, 6.8% $6.00
Baxter Stowaway IPA, ME, 12oz, 6.9% $6.00
Blue Point Hoptical Illusion, 12oz, NY 6.8% $6.50
Langunitas IPA, 12oz 6.2% $6.00
Sixpoint Resin IPA, 12oz, NY 9.1% $8.00
Foolproof Backyahd IPA, 12oz, RI 6% $6.00
Founders All Day IPA, 12oz, MI 4.7% $5.00
Stone Ruination IPA, 12oz, CA 8.2% $10.00

Providence Prime Menu : Domestic / Import Bottles

Amstel Light, 12oz, Netherlands 3.5% $5.50
Bass, 12oz, United Kingdom 5% $6.00
Becks (N/A), 12oz, Germany $5.00
Blue Moon, 12oz, CO 5.4% $5.50
Budweiser , 12oz, MO 5% $4.50
Budweiser Light, 12oz, MO 4.2% $4.50
Coors Light, 12oz,CO 4.2% $4.50
Corona, 12oz, Mexico 4.6% $5.00
Corona Light, 12oz, Mexico 4.5% $5.00
Dos Equis, 12oz, Mexico 4.5% $4.50
Heineken, 12oz, Netherlands 5.4% $5.50
Michelob Ultra, 12oz, MO 4.2% $4.50
Miller High Life, 12oz, WI 4.6% $3.00
Miller Lite, 12oz, WI 4.2% $4.00
Sam Adams, 12oz, MA 4.8% $5.00
Stella Artois, 12oz, Belgium 5% $6.00

Providence Prime Menu : Cocktails

Black Sails Lemonade   Stoli Blueberry vodka, fresh lemonade, muddled blueberries, creme de violette
Kentucky Redemption   Redemption rye, eldeflower, lemon & clove simple syrup, fresh cucumber
A Knights Tale Mojito   Drangonberry Bacardi rum, muddled fresh bleuberries, strawberries and mint, squeezed lime juice, simple syrup
The Wedding Crasher   New Amsterdam gin, honey simple syrup, Angastora bitters, cocchi Americano, fresh squeezed lemon juice
Taphouse Mule   Amsterdam Citrus vodka, ginger beer, lime juice, chamomile, blood orange puree
Bacon Bourbon Bloody Mary   Applewood bacon infused Makers Mark, house bloody mix, celery, maple pepper bacon and salted rim

Providence Prime Menu : Sangria

Sangria Mia $9.00 – $34.00 Stoli Raz, white Zinfandele , orange and pineapple juice, splach soda, peach, mint garnish
Blueberry Pom Sangria $10.00 – $36.00 Nicholas Pinot Noir, Bacardi Black Raz Prosecco and Pomm Juice

Providence Prime Menu : Martinis

Federal Espresso Martini   Stoli Vanilla, Bailey’s, Kahlua, chilled espresso
Hot n’ Dirty Martini   Tito’s vodka, pepperoncini & olive juice, blue cheese stuffed olives
Anne Bonnie Martini   Mark One vanilla vodka, Malibu rum pineapple & cranberry juice, splash of sprite

Providence Prime Menu : Margaritas

The Queen Bee Margarita   Patron Silver, Cointreau, house made sour, touch of honey, muddled orange & lime
Caribbean Margarita   Anejo tequila, mango puree, lime juice, cointreau, chili lime salted rim, lime garnish

Providence Prime Menu : White Wine / Sparkling

Sparkling Wine, Wycliff, CA $8.00 – $32.00
Chardonnay, Kendall Jackson, CA $10.00 – $38.00
Sauvignon Blanc, Sileni, NZ $11.00 – $40.00
Riesling, Covey Run, WA $8.00 – $30.00
Pinot Grigio, Principato, Italy $8.00 – $30.00
Pinot Grigio, Bollini, Italy $10.00 – $38.00

Providence Prime Menu : Red Wine

Cabernet, Carnivor, CA $8.00 – $30.00
Cabernet, J Lohr 7 Oaks, CA $10.00 – $38.00
Pinot Noir Nicholas, France $8.00 – $30.00
Pinot Noir, Hahn, CA $7.00 – $28.00
Merlot, 14 Hands, WA $8.00 – $30.00

Providence Prime Menu : Federal Flights, Shots & Buckets

Bourbon & Whiskey Flight   Choose any 4 from our Bourbon & Whiskey Flight
Federal Shot   “Baby Guinness” Patron XO, layered Baileys Irish Cream
Brewers Bucket $24.00 icked exclusively by or beer speacailist that gives you a unique Craft Beer experience Ask your server for todays pairing
Beer Flight $10.00 Choose any 4 beers off of our Draft Craft Beer List

Providence Prime Menu : Whiskey

Jack Daniels Tenn. Fire  
Jack Daniels Tenn. Honey  
Jack Daniels  
Seagrams Seven  
Sons of Liberty Pumkin  

Providence Prime Menu : Rye Whiskey

Whistlers Pig  
Jim Beam Rye  

Providence Prime Menu : Canadian Whiskey

Crown Royal  
Crown Royal Maple  
Seagrams VO  

Providence Prime Menu : Scotch / Whiskey

Johnny Walker Red  
Johnny Walker Black  
Johnny Walker Blue  
Belvenie 12yr Dbl  
Glenlivet 12yr  
Glenlivet 18yr  
Highland Park 12yr  
Macallan 12yr  
Macallan 18yr  
Chivas Regal  

Providence Prime Menu : Irish Whiskey

Jamesons Black  
Jamesons Caskmate  
Redbreast 12yr  
Redbreast 15yr  
Dubliner Honey  

Providence Prime Menu : Single Malt-scotch

Talisker 10yr  
Oban 14yr  
Lagavulin 16yr  

Providence Prime Menu : Tuesday Happenings

“TNT” – Tuesday, Tacos & Tequila
Tacos $3.00
Tequila Cocktails, Margaritas  
Tequila Flight Tasting   4 – 1/2 oz. Pours

Providence Prime Menu : Restaurant Week Extended August

3 Course Dinner Experience for only $29.95
3 Course Dinner Menu   SUMMER RESTAURANT WEEK EXTENDED MENU 3 Course Dinner Menu $29.95pp. Choice Of Farmers Garden Salad or Caesar Salad Sticky Thai Ribs Sesame Seeds, Green Onion, Fresh Ginger Crispy Point Judith Calamar

* Disclaimer: Information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current price and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.

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