Puerto Rico’s Cafe Menu and Prices

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Puerto Rico’s Cafe Menu : Appetizers

Pastelillos De $1.50 Carne, pollo, pizza, queso, meat, chicken, pizza, cheese.
Alcapurrias De $1.50 Masa de platano o yuca yuca or meat.
Alcapurrias De – Jueyes $1.75 Crab meat
Caldo De Pollo Con Mofongo $4.95 Chicken broth with a side of mofongo.
Sopa De Frijoles – Cup $1.95 Black bean soup
Sopa De Frijoles – Bowl $2.50 Black bean soup
Caldo De Pollo – Cup $1.50 Chicken broth
Caldo De Pollo – Bowl $1.95 Chicken broth

Puerto Rico’s Cafe Menu : Soups

Soups come with your choice of green, ripe plantains, or mofongo.
Caldo De Pollo Con Mofongo $4.95 Chicken broth and a side of mofongo.
Asopao De Pollo $6.95 Chicken soup with rice.
Asopao De Camarones $14.95 Shrimp soup with rice.
Asopao De Langosta $21.95 Lobster soup with rice.
Asopao Combinado $21.95 Shrimp and lobster soup with rice.
Asopao De Mariscos $21.95 Shrimp, lobster, conch & octupus soup with rice.

Puerto Rico’s Cafe Menu : Salads

Side Salad $2.25

Puerto Rico’s Cafe Menu : Sandwiches

Add salad to any sandwich for $0.75.
Jamon Y Queso $3.95 Ham & cheese.
Jamon, Queso Y Huevo $4.95 Fried egg, ham & cheese.
Media Noche $5.95 Pork, ham, & swiss cheese on sweet bun.
Pernil $5.95 Pork & swiss cheese.
Cubano $5.95 Pork, ham, & swiss cheese on cuban bread.
Bistec $5.95 Steak sandwich.
Tripleta $6.25 Ham, pork, steak, and swiss cheese.

Puerto Rico’s Cafe Menu : Hamburgers

Burgers include fries. Add swiss or american cheese for $0.75.
Hamburger – 6 Ounces $4.95
Hamburger – 8 Ounces $5.95

Puerto Rico’s Cafe Menu : Stuffed Mofongo

Pollo $12.95 Stuffed mofongo with chicken breast.
Camarones $14.95 Stuffed mofongo with shrimp.
Carrucho $21.95 Stuffed mofongo with conch meat.
Langosta $21.95 Stuffed mofongo with lobster.
Combinado $21.95 Stuffed mofongo with shrimp & lobster.
Mariscos $21.95 Stuffed mofongo with bountiful fresh seafood.

Puerto Rico’s Cafe Menu : Baked Chicken

1/4 Pollo $5.95 1/4 Chicken.
1/2 Pollo $7.95 1/2 Chicken.
Pollo Entero Solo $8.95 Whole chicken only.

Puerto Rico’s Cafe Menu : On The Grill

Churrasco Steak $12.95 Skirt steak.
Sirloin Steak $14.95
T Bone Steak $14.95
Pechuga De Pollo $8.25 Grilled chicken breast.

Puerto Rico’s Cafe Menu : Fish & Seafood

Filete De Chillo $12.95 Snapper fillet.
Camarones Empanados $10.95 Breaded fried shrimp.
Camarones Al Ajillo $14.95 Shrimp scampi in garlic butter sauce.
Camarones A La Criolla $14.95 Shrimp creole in tomato sauce.
Camarones Enchilados $14.95 Spicy shrimp in tomato sauce.
Arroz con Camarones $14.95 Yellow shrimp rice.
Langosta Al Ajillo $21.95 Lobster scampi in garlic butter sauce.
Langosta A La Criolla $21.95 Lobster creole in tomato sauce.
Langosta Rebosada $21.95 Lobster omelet.
Arroz Con Langosta $21.95 Yellow lobster rice.

Puerto Rico’s Cafe Menu : Meats

Chuletas $7.25 Fried, or grilled pork chops.
Carne Frita $7.95 Fried pork chunks.
Ropa Vieja $8.25 Shredded beef.
Bistec Encebollado $7.95 Steak saute with onions.
Bistec Empanado $8.75 Breaded steak.
Bistec Rebosado $8.95 Steak omelet.
Empanada Milanesa $9.50

Puerto Rico’s Cafe Menu : Poultry

Pollo Frito $5.95 Fried chicken.
Chicharrones De Pollo $6.95 Crispy fried chicken chunks.
Pechuga De Pollo $8.25 Grilled chicken breast.
Pechuga Empanada $8.95 Breaded chicken breast.
Pechuga Empanada A La Milanesa $9.95 Breaded chicken parmesan.

Puerto Rico’s Cafe Menu : María’s House Specialties

Carne Frita $8.25 Fried pork.
Churrasco $12.95 Skirt steak.
Chillo Entero   Whole snapper.
Ensalada De Carrucho O Pulpo $21.95 Conch meat or octopus salad.
Chuleta Kan Kan   Skinned pork chop.

Puerto Rico’s Cafe Menu : On The Side

Habichuelas $2.50 Pink beans.
Frijoles Negros $2.50 Black beans.
Papas Fritas $2.50 French fries.
Arroz Blanco $2.50 White rice.
Tostones $2.50 Green plantains.
Amarillos $2.50 Ripe plantains.
Mofongo $3.25 Green plantains mashed with garlic and pork skins.
Arroz Y Habichuelas $3.75 Rice & beans, black or pink beans

Puerto Rico’s Cafe Menu : Kids Menu

Kids under 10 years old only.
Chicken Nuggets $4.95
Chicharrones De Pollo $5.95
Chuleta $5.95 Pork chop.
Bistec $5.95 Steak sauteed with onions.

Puerto Rico’s Cafe Menu : Desserts

Flan De Vainilla $2.50 Vanilla custard.
Flan De Queso $2.75 Cheese custard.
Flan De Coco $2.75 Coconut custard.
Tres Leches $2.50 Spunge cake.
Dulce De Lechosa $2.75
Casquitos De Guayaba $2.75 Guava shells.

Puerto Rico’s Cafe Menu : Sodas & Tropical Juices

Soda refills are $0.50.
Sodas $1.25
Iced Tea $1.25
Agua Enbotellada $1.25 Bottled water.
Refrescos Típicos $1.75 Tropical juices.
Jugo De Naranja $1.75 Orange juice.
Pina Colada Maria $2.95
Fruit Punch $2.50
Leche $1.50 MIlk.
Leche con Chocolate $1.75 Milk chocolate.
Cafe Con Leche $1.50 Coffee with milk.
Espresso $1.50

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