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Research and order delicious food from the up-to-date Best Chinese Food menu. Find latest deals, prices, kid’s meals and more. Pick-up and delivery options available. Browse the whole menu or use our quick jump guide to go directly to the type section of the menu that you are looking for.

Best Chinese Food Menu : Soft Drinks

Coke $1.00
Pepsi $1.00
Diet Pepsi $1.00
Diet Coke $1.00
7up $1.00
Spring Water $1.00
Medium Thai Iced Tea $1.65
Large Thai Iced Tea $2.50
Mango Snapple $1.65
Kiwi Strawberry Snapple $1.65
Lemon Iced Tea Snapple $1.65
Peach Iced Tea Snapple $1.65

Best Chinese Food Menu : Appetizers

Egg Roll $2.95 3 pieces.
BBQ Pork Slices $6.50
Pot Stickers $6.25 8 pieces.
Fried Shrimp $5.95 8 pieces.
Shrimp Roll $6.50 3 pieces.
Fried Wonton $2.95 12 pieces.
Chicken Salad $6.95
Steamed Wonton $4.25 12 pieces with hot sauce.

Best Chinese Food Menu : Soup

Chicken Vegetable Soup $5.95
Egg Flower Soup $4.50
Hot & Sour Soup $6.15
Wor Wonton Soup $6.95
Three Flavor Noodle Soup $6.95
Seaweed Tofu Soup $5.95
Vegetable Noodle Soup $5.95

Best Chinese Food Menu : Chicken

Orange Chicken $8.95
Garlic Chicken w/ Broccoli $9.55 White meat.
Cashew Nut Chicken $8.95
Chicken w/ Mushroom $9.55 White meat.
Curry Chicken $9.55 White meat.
Kung Pao Chicken $8.95
Mandarin Garlic Chicken $8.95
Chicken w/ Hot Garlic Sauce $9.55 White meat.
Sweet & Sour Chicken $8.95
Chicken w/ Broccoli $9.55 White meat.
Chicken w/ Snow Peas $10.95 White meat.
Chicken w/ Mixed Vegetables $9.55 White meat.
Lemon Chicken $9.55 White meat.
Chicken w/ String Bean $9.95 White meat.
Chicken w/ Black Bean Sauce $8.95
Sesame Chicken $8.95

Best Chinese Food Menu : Beef

Beef w/ Broccoli $9.55
Mongolian Beef $10.50
Beef w/ Green Pepper $9.55
Beef w/ Snow Peas $10.95
Kung Pao Beef $9.55
Beef w/ Mixed Vegetables $9.55
Beef w/ Hot Garlic Sauce $9.55
Beef w/ Oyster Sauce $9.95
Orange Beef $10.95

Best Chinese Food Menu : Pork

Pork w/ Hot Garlic Sauce $9.55
Sweet & Sour Pork $9.55
Ma Po Tofu $9.55
BBQ Pork w/ Snow Peas $10.95
Pork & Eggplant w/ Hot Garlic Sauce $10.95

Best Chinese Food Menu : Shrimp

Shrimp w/ Broccoli $10.85
Shrimp w/ Lobster Sauce $10.85
Garlic Shrimp w/ Broccoli $10.85
Hot & Spicy Braised Shrimp $10.85
Shrimp Chop Suey $10.85
Shrimp w/ Snow Peas $11.95
Szechuan Shrimp $11.95
Shrimp w/ Hot Garlic Sauce $10.85
Sauteed Shrimp $11.95
Shrimp w/ Mixed Vegetables $10.85
Sweet & Sour Shrimp $10.85
Kung Pao Shrimp $10.85
Crispy Walnut Shrimp $12.95
Mayonnaise Shrimp $10.85

Best Chinese Food Menu : Moo Shu

Moo Shu Chicken $9.55
Moo Shu Beef $9.55
Moo Shu Pork $9.55
Moo Shu Shrimp $10.95

Best Chinese Food Menu : Egg Foo Young

Chicken Egg Foo Young $9.95
Beef Egg Foo Young $9.95
Pork Egg Foo Young $9.95
BBQ Egg Foo Young $9.95
Shrimp Egg Foo Young $10.95

Best Chinese Food Menu : Chop Suey

Chicken Chop Suey $9.25
Beef Chop Suey $9.25
Pork Chop Suey $9.25

Best Chinese Food Menu : Vegetarian

Sauteed String Bean w/ Tofu $8.95
Eggplant w/ Hot Garlic Sauce $8.95
Chinese Mixed Vegetables $8.25
Vegetables Egg Foo Young $8.95
Dried Sauteed String Bean $8.95
Vegetable Tofu $8.95
Sauteed Broccoli $8.25
Kung Pao Tofu $8.25
Snow Peas & Water Chestnuts $8.95
Curry Tofu $8.25
Orange Tofu $10.95
General Tso Tofu $10.95

Best Chinese Food Menu : Healthy Dishes

Steamed Broccoli $8.25
Steamed Mixed Vegetables w/ Tofu $8.25
Steamed Chicken w/ Broccoli $9.55
Steamed Shrimp w/ Mixed Vegetables $10.85
Steamed Pot Stickers $6.25

Best Chinese Food Menu : Chow Mein

Chicken Chow Mein $7.25
Pork Chow Mein $7.25
Beef Chow Mein $7.25
Shrimp Chow Mein $8.25
Vegetable Chow Mein $6.50
Three Flavor Chow Mein $9.55
House Special Pan Fried Noodle $10.50
Beef Chow Fun $7.95
Chicken Chow Fun $7.95
Combination Chow Fun $9.35

Best Chinese Food Menu : Fried Rice

Chicken Fried Rice $6.75
Pork Fried Rice $6.75
Beef Fried Rice $6.75
Shrimp Fried Rice $8.25
House Special Fried Rice $9.25
BBQ Pork Fried Rice $8.55
Vegetables Fried Rice $6.25
Curry Flavored Fried Rice $7.95
Fried Brown Rice $8.95
Steamed Rice $1.00 Per person
Brown Rice $1.50 Per person.

Best Chinese Food Menu : House Specialties

Three Ingredient Tastes $10.95 Shrimp, chicken, and beef with a variety of vegetables in a delicate brown sauce.
Kung Pao Three Flavor $10.95 Shrimp, chicken and beef with white onion and peanuts in a spicy sauce.
Sweet & Pungent Shrimp $11.95 Tender shrimp fried in a light butter and sauteed in sweet and pungent sauce.
Pan Fried Chicken $9.95 Boneless fresh pan fried.
Sweet & Pungent Chicken $10.95 Tender chicken fried in light butter and sauteed in sweet and pungent sauce.
General Tso Chicken $11.25 Chunks of boneless chicken deep fried and sauteed with the chef’s special sauce.
Filet of Fish in Black Bean Sauce $10.95 Boneless fresh fish fried in our special black bean sauce.
Filet of Fish in Hot Braised Sauce $10.95 Boneless fresh fried fish in our special spicy hot braised sauce.
Scallop w/ Hot Garlic Sauce $12.95
Kung Pao Scallops $12.95
Hot & Spicy Braised Scallops $12.95 Fresh scallops sauteed with chef’s special spicy tomato sauce.
Two Flavor Sauteed Scallops w/ Shrimp $13.95 Fresh shrimp and scallops sauteed with diced corn and green pepper.
Beef w/ Scallops $13.95 Sliced tender beef sauteed with fresh scallops and assorted vegetables in oyster flavored sauce.
Sesame Shrimp $12.95
Fried Chicken $10.95

Best Chinese Food Menu : Combination Dinners

Combination A $9.55 Served with egg roll, fried rice, and choice of one entree.
Combination B $10.75 Served with egg roll, fried rice, and choice of one entree.
Combination C $12.25 Served with egg roll, fried rice, and choice of one entree.

Best Chinese Food Menu : Lunch Specials [ONLY AVAILABLE FROM 11:00am-3:30pm]

Lunch Special $5.50 Any two choice with fried rice or chow mein.
Chef’s Lunch Special $6.95 – $7.95 Choice of entree served with egg roll and fried rice of chow mein.

* Disclaimer: Information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current price and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.

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