Pollos A La Brasa El Chalan Menu and Prices

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Pollos A La Brasa El Chalan Menu : Desayunos

Chicharrones Con Camote Frito Y Encebollado $7.00
Fried Porkchop $7.00 with onion and sweet potato.
Pan Con Tamal $6.00 bread and tamal.
Pan Con Loma $6.00 steak sandwich.
Pan Con Pollo $4.50 chicken sandwich.
Pan Con Mortadela $3.50 ham sandwich.
Pan Con Queso $3.50 cheese sandwich.
Pan Con Jamonada $3.50 italian ham sandwich.
Huevos Picados Con Chorizo $7.95 scrambled eggs with sausage.
Huevos Picados $7.95 scrambled eggs.
Huevos Picados Con Jamon $7.95 eggs with ham.
Dasayuno Con Carne $10.00
Tipico Salvadorean $7.95 eggs with tomatoes and onions.
Three Eggs With Homefries And Toast $3.95
Three Eggs With Cheese Or Cream $4.95 with bcon, ham or sausage.
Steak With Two Eggs, Homefries And Toast $6.50
Buttermilk Pancakes $4.00 served with sauce and homefries.
Omelet With Homefries, Bacon And Cheese. $5.25
Cheese Omelet $4.25 served with homefries and toast.
Western Omelet $6.25 served with homefries and toast.
Greek Omelet $5.25 with homefries and toast.
Spanish Omelet With Homefries And Toast $5.30

Pollos A La Brasa El Chalan Menu : Entradas

Anticuchos $6.15 hart beef and potato.
Rachi $6.15 fried tripe.
Molleja Frita $6.15 fried molleja.
Tamales Peruanos De Chancho O Pollo $6.50 chicken or pork.
Papa A La Huahcaina $5.62 boiled porato with cheese and garnish.
Papa Rellena $5.62 potato with peruvian sauce.
Ceviche Mixto $12.84 fish in lemon juice with onion.
Ceviche De Camarones $16.85 shrimp in lemon juice with onion.

Pollos A La Brasa El Chalan Menu : Antojitos

Tacos-Folded $2.14 corn tortilla with choice of meat.
Quesadilla $6.96 flour tortillas folded with rice, beans, lettuce, sour cream and meat.
Burritos $6.96
Tortas $7.00 bread cut in half filled with beans, lettuce, pico de gallos, sour cream, cheese and meat.
Enchiladas $3.21 meat, mozzarella cheese, lettuce and tomatoes inside a tortilla.
Tostadas $3.21 fried tortillas topped with chicken or beef, refried beans, lettuce, pico de gallo, sour cream and cheese.
Tamales Salvadoreños $2.00 corn masa and chicken cooked in banana leaf.
Pupusas $2.00 corn masa tortilla filled with pork and cheese.
Yuca Con Chicharron $7.00 fry casaba with fried pork.
Baleada Hondure̱a $2.50 Р$3.21

Pollos A La Brasa El Chalan Menu : Sopa

Chumpe Con Camarones Sopa $16.00
Parihuela Sopa $18.19 tomato seafood soup.
Sopa A La Minuta $5.00 beef soup with healthy helping of cream.
Sustancia Sopa $5.00 beef or chicken soup with potato, onion, tomatoes and spaghetti.
Aguadito Sopa $5.00 cilantro soup with chicken.
Caldo De Pollo Sopa $11.50 a very flavorful chicken noodle soup.
Sopa De Res $11.50
Sopa De Camarones $11.30 shrimp soup.
Sopa Pequeña $6.95 small soup with beef or chicken.

Pollos A La Brasa El Chalan Menu : Ensaladas

Salads Salad Dressing Choice: House Dressing, Caesar Dressing, Italian Dressing.
Grilled Chicken Salad $7.00
Ensalada De La Casa $5.00 house salad.
Ensalada Caesar $5.00 caesar salad.
Ensalada Caesar De Pollo $8.00 chicken caesar salad.

Pollos A La Brasa El Chalan Menu : Sandwiches

BLT Sandwich $4.99
Cheese Burger With French Fries $6.50
Hamburger $6.30
Steak And Cheese Sandwich $5.50
Meatball Sandwich $5.00

Pollos A La Brasa El Chalan Menu : Pollo

Mondonguito A La Italiana $10.70
Cau-Cau $10.00
Aji De Gallina $10.70 shredded chicken.
Milanesa De Pollo $10.70 chicken milanese.
Tallarin Saltado De Pollo $10.70 onions and spaghetti.
Arroz Con Pollo $10.70 chicken and rice.
Arroz A La Cubana $6.00 cuban rice.
Arroz Chaufa $10.70 chaufa rice.
Arros Chaufa Mixto $12.00

Pollos A La Brasa El Chalan Menu : Pollo A La Brasa

Un Caurto De Pollo $7.47 quarter chicken.
Medio Pollo $9.79 half a chicken.
Un Pollo $17.99 whole chicken.

Pollos A La Brasa El Chalan Menu : Carnes $10.70

Seco De Cabrito   lamb stew.
Bisteck A Lo Porbre   steak poor style.
Lomo Saltado   beef with french fries, onion, and tomato with rice.
Tallarin Saltado   beef, onion and tomato fried with spaghetti.
Tallareines Verdes Con Bisteck Y Papa Dorada   spaghetti al pesto with steak and potatoes.
Bisteck Frito   fried steak.
Chuleta Frita Peruana   peruvian fried pork chop.

Pollos A La Brasa El Chalan Menu : Pescado

Seafood. Salad Served Is House Salad. Salad Dressing Choice: House Dressing, Caesar Dressing, Italian Dressing.
Arroz Chaufa Camarones $13.91
Mojarra Frita $16.05 fried tilapia.
Arroz Con Mariscos $12.79 seafood mix with rice.
Pescado A La Plancha $13.86 fried fish on the grill.
Pescado A Lo Macho $18.19 fried fish on the grill with seafood mix, sautéed.
Pescado Frito $13.86 fried snapper with lightly seasoned rice, fries and house salad.
Pescado Al La Chorrillana $13.86 fried fish with onions and tomatoes.
Tallarin Saltado De Camarones $14.45 shrimp, onions and tomatoes stir~fried with spaghetti.
Jalea De Mariscos $16.15 fried fish, squid and shrimp.

Pollos A La Brasa El Chalan Menu : Pociones

Porcion Del Famoso Aji Del Chalan $5.25 – $10.50
Porcion De Yuca Frita $5.00 fried yucca.
Porcion De Camote Frito $3.75 fried sweet potatoes.
Porcion De Platana Frito $4.01 fried plaintains.
Porcion De Arroz $3.80 rice.
Porcion Papa $5.00
Tostones $4.01

Pollos A La Brasa El Chalan Menu : Platos Tipicos

Tipico Montañero Beef $13.38 1 egg, plaintains, pork, rice, beans and salad.
Picada $18.00
Carne Asada Beef $11.24 with rice, beans, salad and 2 tortillas.
Bistec Encebollado $11.24 beef with onions, rice, beans and salad.
Carne Asada Hondureña $11.50
Fajitas De Pollo O De Res $12.31 chicken or beef fajitas with beans and salad.
Higado Encebollado $11.24 liver with onions, rice, beans and salad.
Camarones A La Plancha $13.50 shrimp with rice, beans, french fries and salad.
Combinacion De Tacos $9.63 3 taco combination with rice and beans.
Alital De Polloq $7.00 7 chicken wings with salad and french fries.
Alitas De Pollos Con Ensaladsa Y Papas $9.00 9 chicken wings with french fries and salad.

Pollos A La Brasa El Chalan Menu : Postres

Alfajores $4.59
Leche Asada $3.39 boiled milk.
Crema Volteada $3.39 turn over cream.
Arroz Con Leche $3.39 rice and milk.
Mazamora Morada $3.39 typical peruvian dessert.
Empanadas De Carne Y Pollo $3.15 beef and chicken turnovers.
Torta Helada $3.00 peruvian gelatin cake.

Pollos A La Brasa El Chalan Menu : Jugos Y Sodas

American Soda $1.50 american soda choice: coca cola, pepsi, sprite.
Inca Soda $1.70
Te Caliente $1.50 hot tea.
Jugo De Mango Bostella $1.70 mango juice.
Chicha Morada $2.00 peruvian punch served with mixed fresh fruit.
Minutas-Raspadillas De Fruta Natural $1.50
Licuados Naturales $3.16
Horchata $2.00
Jugos Naturales $2.00
Jarritos $1.70

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